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Yazd is an open-source (Apache License) discussion forum software that you can download customize and use. Yazd is a Java based forum software that can easily be configured through an admin interface.



Yazd is an open-source (Apache License) discussion forum software that you can download customize and use. Yazd is a Java based forum software that can easily be configured through an admin interface. This discussion forum software is highly flexible and uses JDBC to connect to a backend database. Yazd discussion forum software is absolutely free and open-source. With minimal changes you can implement a discussion forum in many languages. Features:- Online setup and configuration - Content filters for: - html code (convert the html code into displayable text) - profanity (filter a customizable list of profanities to filter them out) - url coverter (convert the urls to actual links) and more - Search facilities to search for keywords in the forums - Auto Login for easy login of members - Log-off users - Group setup and management ensures easier maintenance for users and permission setup for the administrator. - Moderation, so you can delegate the content moderation to a specific user. - Password protected Administration and Configuration Area - Complete web based administration - Web based feature customization - Personal profile and profile editing for users. - New posts flag to identify new messages - Database backend gives excellent performance and stability. Yazd uses JDBC to communicate with the database. Currently supported databases include Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Microsoft SQLServer, Sybase, Interbase, Hypersonic SQL, Pointbase, Informix and Postgres. - Database connection pooling ensures faster database access. - Caching ensures faster performance. - Using the skin technology you can customize the look and integrate Yazd into your site seamlessly. - 100% pure Java and JSP provides easier maintenance and ensures it operates under different environments. Tested platforms include: Apache with Tomcat, JRun, IBM Websphere, Weblogic, iPlanet, Resin, and Enhydra. - Using the WAR application deployment instead of manual installation. - Integration of new version of Lucene 1.3 - Moderation through the user skins, instead of Admin tool - Grouping of the forums - E-Mail notification back to the user - Approval process for the moderator before the message is made viewable - Sorting of the threads by "Posted Date" and "Last Message" - Preview the message before posting - Header and footer field so that comments or ad tags can be added for each forum. - Number of different user properties are captured and displayed in the vodka skin (IP, city, country, gender, last login etc.) - A count of how many times the thread has been read is added.

Operating Systems:  Java, Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS, Java - Win/Linux

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