Freeware Programs: XueBrothers
Download Hot Screen 2.0

Hot Screen 2.0  Hot Screen may be the smallest free screen capture (only 57K). It supports BMP and GIF format in true-color, index color, grayscale and black and white.1)To save the whole screen: Press [PrtScr].2)To save the active window: Press [Alt]+[PrtScr].

Download CDI 4.1

CDI 4.1  CDI is a full-screen photo viewer, featured with thumbnail lists, slide show, background picture and music.

Download NASK 1.1

NASK 1.1  NASK lets one person (the administrator) control one or many other persons' (the users) Web browsers.NASK can work with any Web browsers.

Download AnyPlayer 3.0

AnyPlayer 3.0  Plays all medai files, image, audio, video, swf, html, real media files. Explorer style user interface.