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Download XOOPS

XOOPS  XOOPS is a program that allows administrators to easily create dynamic websites with great content and many outstanding features.

Download Random Quotes 1.0

Random Quotes 1.0  This is a minor modification of the Random Quotes module developed by Mario Figge

Download Our Auctions 1.0

Our Auctions 1.0  A small addon to display your Ebay Auctions in your Xoops Site.

Download SnX-Weather module 1.0

SnX-Weather module 1.0  A weather.com module for Xoops.The development of this module is in standby, but it is useable in the current version.

Download MS-Weather 1.0

MS-Weather 1.0  Auto selection of the server for the extended forecasts.

Download Random Quotes Module 1.0

Random Quotes Module 1.0  This module add a block that show a random quote. The quotes are added/edited/deleted in the admin section.

Download Donations 1.0

Donations 1.0  Xoops 2 Donations module, a Paypal IPN donation solution for the Xoops Content Management System.

Download Crystal Icons for XOOPS Core 1.0

Crystal Icons for XOOPS Core 1.0  For those of you who might enjoying Crystal Icons on Xoops, here's a file you may use.Be certain to back your files up before making the overlay just in case you don't enjoy these icons.

Download Alumni 1.0

Alumni 1.0  This Module has entries for : - First Name - Middle/Maiden Name - Last Name - Graduation Year - Studies - Student Activities - Graduation Photo - Recent Photo - Occupation - Current Location - Logged in users can contact the Alumni using a hidden ema

Download Wiwimod 1.0

Wiwimod 1.0  Wiwi is a wiki module for Xoops , offering smart editing features and a fine access control to the content. Use it as a "plain" wiki for collaborative documentation, or to build a web site with read_only and editable sections upon user privileges.

Download Wiki 1.0

Wiki 1.0  Pages are stored in the database. Two-level access, e.g., only module admin users can lock pages.

Download Wakka 1.0

Wakka 1.0   A WikiWikiWeb is a site where anyone can edit the pages through an HTML form. Multiple storage backends, dynamic hyperlinking, themeable, scriptable by plugins, full authentication, ACL's.

Download News2 - News Module Clone 1.0

News2 - News Module Clone 1.0  This is the News module clone many of us have been looking for. Stories isn't compatible with News. Neither is Altern8News. News2 is. At least I haven't found any problems yet. Seems to work okay with News.

Download SmartSection 1.0

SmartSection 1.0  SmartSection is a section management module for your XOOPS site. It is intended to provide the best functionnalities of the News and WF-Section modules.

Download Formulize 2.3RC1 1.0

Formulize 2.3RC1 1.0  This is the current full version, but be sure to check the Formulize home page for the latest patch.Formulize is a form creation and report generation tool.

Download Makale Module 1.0

Makale Module 1.0  Makale Module is developed and easy Articles Module.

Download XoopsGallery 1.0

XoopsGallery 1.0  With XoopsGallery you can easily create and maintain albums of photos via an intuitive interface within your XOOPS portal system.

Download xcGallery for Xoops 1.0

xcGallery for Xoops 1.0  Translation of xcGallery module for Xoops version 1.1 to the Spanish language.

Download RM Soft Gallery 1.0

RM Soft Gallery 1.0  AdminOne and BiteC3R0 created a new image gallery module which allows you to publish photos in categories. - Easy administration of the categories and the images. - Organization of categorias and limitless subcategorias.

Download myAlbum-P 1.0

myAlbum-P 1.0  This module was made with the slogan "Easy to use for even the beginners".Since myAlbum-P can be used for multiple purposes, you can easily install this module multiple times.In particular, ImageManager integration is useful for most XOOPS users.

Download No-ah extendable content module 1.0

No-ah extendable content module 1.0  There are a lot of features in this module, and a lot of testing still to do I am sure.

Download Cafepress Shop 1.0

Cafepress Shop 1.0  Cafepress Shop is a small module which allows a holder of a Cafepress.com store to display his products as part of his Xoops web site.The store will actually be embedded to the Xoops web interface as if the store is directly hosted on the web site.

Download Subscription Module for XOOPS 1.0

Subscription Module for XOOPS 1.0  The subscription module allows you to create and manage subscriptions for your XOOPS content. When a user "purchases" a subscription, he or she is added to the XOOPS security group that the subscription's type is assigned.

Download Bluemoon.Multi-Survey 1.0

Bluemoon.Multi-Survey 1.0  It has been ported to XOOPS 2 with modifications and enhancements. You can create many different kinds of surveys. Features: - Edit by Browser: You can makes any kinds of form without enginner skill.

Download My Reviews 1.0

My Reviews 1.0  After users have entered data, you should not change the configuration of the reviews categories, number of reviews categories, number for the overall review and name of reviews categories because this will unlink the names from the data.

Download Lykos Reviews 1.0

Lykos Reviews 1.0  A simple reviews module.

Download C-JAY Reviews 1.0

C-JAY Reviews 1.0  This Beta should already be stable and ready to be used on productive systems. The following betas will only change features and functionality.

Download Unreal Tournament 2003 Stats DB 1.0

Unreal Tournament 2003 Stats DB 1.0  The UT2003 Stats Database is a program for parsing logs from the game Unreal Tournament 2003 and storing them in a database, along with a web based stats viewer.The system is written in PHP and currently works with MySQL database.

Download MyAds v2.04jp Bug Fix & japanese specification 1.0

MyAds v2.04jp Bug Fix & japanese specification 1.0  The change part from original MyAds - compatible with 'register_globals=off'  - 'myblocksadmin' added (thanks GIJOE)  - Some bug fix.refer to this thread and this (jp.xoops.org/forum) - Extension of a SMARTY template variable.

Download User Points 2

User Points 2  Classify members per points.