WebGoo Faster Web Brwoser

License: Freeware
Size: 3.2 KB
Date Added: 25 July, 2008
Category: Internet & Networking / Browsers
Author: memasoft

*WebGoo the most easy way to open many browsing windows in one window. *Faster Web Browser. *You can Now With Webplayer Listen to The Music and to watch Films online With a browsing.



*WebGoo the most easy way to open many browsing windows in one window. *Faster Web Browser. *You can Now With Webplayer Listen to The Music and to watch Films online With a browsing. *Now you don`t have to use the keyboard any more, with WebGoo on screen easy keyboard for you. *Browse your Internet Make your phone call at the same time. *You can Search in more site. *Type a word in the Address bar and press Space to automatically add (http: //www.) and (.com) at both side of the site-name. *You can type the friendly name of a favorite page in the Address bar, and then select the page name in the AutoComplete list that appears. *To display the Links bar, a handy place to keep your favorite Web sites, click the View menu, point to Toolbars, and then click Links. *Print the current page or active frame. *Automatic URL History saving and retrieval. Add/ Edit/ Organize Favorite Links. *Disable Popup Windows. *It's Easy to Get and Send Mail. Have Auto Detection of ONLINE/OFFLINE Status. *Can Dialup with Current Connection. Disconnect from Current Connection and Edit In-place Feature for Web Documents. *you can watch the time with WebTime clock. *Edit In-place Feature for Web Documents *upgrading protection. *WebGoo FTP *you can Picture Viewer and edit it With WebGoo Picture. *Send SMS Free With WebGoo SMS *you can search file, image, text and Video And Audio Files in computer. and Web Development php html ftp HTML Encrypt

Operating Systems:  Win/95/98/XP

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