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Freeware Programs: Wang Lixiang
Download Bounce Bullet 3.1

Bounce Bullet 3.1  Pro version "Bounce Bullet Pro" Featured by Apple in "New and Noteworthy Game"Pro version "Bounce Bullet Pro" was recommended by the editor of AppAdvice.

Download Dodger Easter Edition 2.0

Dodger Easter Edition 2.0  As you help heroine Phoebe strive to avoid these balls, you'll enjoy chasing bunnies from time to time. Can Phoebe succeed in avoiding as many balls as possible and beat the high score over and over again? It's entirely up to you.

Download Garden Mania TD 1.2

Garden Mania TD 1.2  Garden Mania TD takes the vexing challenge and addictive gameplay into a game, this game involves a garden owner using many varieties of plants to repel an army of insects.

Download Cool Relax Free 1.1

Cool Relax Free 1.1  As the Free version of Cool Relax, it provides 40 ambient sounds of the environment to help you relax or calm yourself. Have you experienced the surrounding noise which is so damaging that you can't fall asleep?

Download Xmas Gifts 1.1

Xmas Gifts 1.1  The player controls Santa through a maze, getting gifts. When all gifts are collected, Santa is taken to the next stage. Four enemies roam the maze, trying to catch Santa. If an enemy touches Santa, a life is lost.

Download Bounce Bullet Xmas Edition 1.1

Bounce Bullet Xmas Edition 1.1  Physics SUCKS! It's hard and really boring! WAIT don't stop reading! We make it FUN! Have you ever thought about killing large amounts of devils with only ONE bullet? Well now you have your chance with our new game BOUNCE BULLET XMAS EDITION!

Download Miss Wendy and Her Friends 1.0

Miss Wendy and Her Friends 1.0  Wendy and her friends are now bringing funny stories from their daily life to you. With splendid cartoon arts, smooth and unique humors, immersive graphics and short funny episode, you will ROFL and keep it as a pocket treasure! ENJOY!

Download Baby Care Lite 1.1

Baby Care Lite 1.1  Do you know what is the most exciting thing in the world? Have a baby! Can you imagine how fantastic to record the first time it speaks, smiles and call you mom or dad? You can't imagine how deeply you love your baby!

Download 3D Balance 2.0

3D Balance 2.0  '3D Balance' is a puzzle game for iPhone/iTouch. The gameplay is that the player controls a ball via accelerometer sensor that they must move along a course without falling off the screen. Try and balance the ball to see how long you can survive!

Download Get Top 300 1.0

Get Top 300 1.0  Get Top 300 only can be used in the US app store Have you already felt tired of the TOP 100 in iPhone or iTouch, but you would like to know more about the TOP RANK? And switch quickly between TOP PAID, TOP FREE, TOP GROSSING?