Visual Basic 2005 - Windows Application Sample

License: Freeware
Date Added: 25 July, 2012
Category: Programming Tools / Components & Libraries
Author: MSDN

The sample application demonstrates how to create and layout controls on a simple form and the handling of mouse click events ...



The sample application demonstrates how to create and layout controls on a simple form and the handling of mouse click events. The applications display a form showing attributes of a file and demonstrate many of the new features available with Visual Basic 2005.
It helps you to build a smart client application and design-time data enhancements to build a professional looking smart client application that can be easily deployed and maintained. This set of samples contains:
1. 'Data Sets', which include the following forms - Category Sales, Product by Category, Reports GetAll Customer Order Information, Reports get customer contacts, Reports get sales by region and Report get sales summary and details.
2. 'Documentation' includes Images, which show how to use Visual Studio installed templates.
3. 'My project' includes the following forms - Application designer, Application events, Resources designer, Setting designer.
Besides, there are some else useful forms and applications here.
Windows applications provide a richer and better user experience.
This sample application covers the most regularly used Windows controls with real life examples in step-by-step instructions.

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