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Freeware Programs: Vasilios Freeware
Download Multiple Applicator 6.8

Multiple Applicator 6.8  Multiple Applicator adjusts the power of some from the best command line applications, under the Windows environment and according to the simple user needs.

Download NumCapsScroll Indicator 6.10

NumCapsScroll Indicator 6.10  On-screen real-time indicator showing the status of the Num, Caps and Scroll Lock buttons on the keyboard. All the NumCapsScroll Indicator controls are available from its System Tray right-click context menu.

Download Text Editing Assistant 8.2

Text Editing Assistant 8.2  Text Editing Assistant is a collection of tools that will make your text editing work more easy-Its executable is a stand-alone one while using at the same time Internet Explorer code engine (version 5.

Download Event Notifier 7.4

Event Notifier 7.4  Event Notifier is a Three Steps Wizard to create unlimited Notification Events using the icons of your installed programs that you think they correspond better for the reason you want to be notified for.

Download Ultimate Runner 7.10

Ultimate Runner 7.10  Create unlimited lists of Windows commands that you want to be executed as groups. Execute unlimited commands or programs with a simple mouse double-click.

Download Useful Launcher 7.1

Useful Launcher 7.1  Desktop Control from your Sys Tray by minimizing, killing or transparent visible windows-Show, hide Desktop icons, take Screen Shots, simulate WinLogoKey shortcuts-Get easy Screen Savers, Windows accessories and System Information-Control Shutdown.

Download Instant Memory Cleaner 7.12

Instant Memory Cleaner 7.12  - Front-end for Microsoft's command line ClearMem ( Windows XP ) and FreeMem ( Windows Vista ), which force pages out of physical memory and reduce the size of running processesl working sets, to a minimum.