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Freeware Programs: Two Pilots
Download Screenshot Pilot 1.46

Screenshot Pilot 1.46  Capture screen with Screenshot Pilot. Save your screenshot as a graphic file or send it by email.

Download Data Pilot 1.03

Data Pilot 1.03  Data Pilot is specially created to expand data analysis options available in Microsoft Excel with nonparametric statistical methods.

Download Voice E-Mail Pilot 2.00

Voice E-Mail Pilot 2.00  Voice E-Mail Pilot - program for people who don't like to type their letters. Just say what you want and send it out!

Download Rotation Pilot 1.0.4

Rotation Pilot 1.0.4  Rotation Pilot is a set of handy tools for rotating and resizing your photos.

Download Wire Pilot Lite 3.0

Wire Pilot Lite 3.0  The Wire Pilot photo retouching software line was initially designed only for wire removal. Now with Wire Pilot you can retouch linear objects like wires, posts, and antennas, as well as any other unwanted objects.

Download Wire Pilot Plugin 1.00 Free

Wire Pilot Plugin 1.00 Free  Photo retouching plugin removes wires and other unwanted linear objects

Download Traces Viewer 1.11

Traces Viewer 1.11  Free utility that shows you how easy it is for unauthorized persons to extract information about web-sites you have visited using Internet Explorer (images, web content, cookies etc, history).

Download Retouch Pilot Lite 3.0

Retouch Pilot Lite 3.0  Retouch Pilot is photo retouching software that was designed for removing imperfections from a photo. It allows you to remove small technical imperfections - scratches, spots from dust particles and hair, etc.

Download Filler Pilot 2.43

Filler Pilot 2.43  Form-filler for working with special forms created with Form Pilot Office.

Download MagicMap 2.00

MagicMap 2.00  MagicMap is a software for extracting color layers from scanned images - topo maps and logos. MagicMap is a software for extracting color layers from scanned images - topo maps and logos.

Download Exif Pilot Light 3.0

Exif Pilot Light 3.0  Exif Pilot Light allows you to view the EXIF, EXIF GPS and IPTC data.

Download DjVu Printer Pilot 1.1.1

DjVu Printer Pilot 1.1.1  DjVu Printer Pilot converts any documents into DjVu files using Two Pilots' Virtual Printer. To create a DjVu file, you should "print" a document on the "DjVu Printer Pilot" virtual printer from any program that supports printing.

Download PDF2Text Pilot 3.0.1

PDF2Text Pilot 3.0.1  PDF to text file converter that allows extracting text from a batch of PDF files. PDF2Text Pilot is an open-source tool. Software developers can use the code as an example of solving a text extraction task. Working from command line is supported.

Download Photo Print Pilot 1.1

Photo Print Pilot 1.1  Photo Print Pilot is photo printing software specially designed for photograph printing at home. The program allows you to take images for printing from different folders

Download Notes Pilot 1.4

Notes Pilot 1.4  With Notes Pilot, you can collect text and images from web pages with ease. Just drag'n'drop selected text and images on the program icon and Notes Pilot will save it

Download Image Resize Guide Lite 1.1

Image Resize Guide Lite 1.1  Image Resize Guide Lite gives you "smart" picture size reduction. With this program you can combine traditional and smart picture size reduction. The program contains these tools: Resize, Crop, Smart Remove, Smart Resize, Smart Patch and Text

Download Color Pilot Plugin 2.4

Color Pilot Plugin 2.4  Color Pilot Plugin is specifically designed for the quick and easy color correction of images directly within Adobe Photoshop or Corel PHOTO-PAINT. The plugin's intuitive interface allows color correction using the natural language of color

Download Annotation Pilot 1.4

Annotation Pilot 1.4  Annotation Pilot is a freeware utility for Windows. It has been designed to help us take screenshots and write annotations and comments. It can be very useful for everyone sharing a picture of his or her family, friends, house, project, etc

Download PDF Presentation Pilot 1.0

PDF Presentation Pilot 1.0  PDF Presentation Pilot is a small but useful application that allows you to create slide presentations with ease. The application is able to create rather simple presentations but can be effective when you are in a rush