Freeware Programs: ToneBytes
Download Bleep' 1.1

Bleep' 1.1  Bleep' — is a free VSTi synthesizer plug-in for Windows which inspired by the sound of MOS Technology SID. At the same time Bleep' is not emulator of this chipset but only partially similar to its architecture.

Download Lo-Fizer 1.0

Lo-Fizer 1.0  Virtual rack designed to add some nice lo-fi effects to your recordings for a variety of artistic techniques.

Download FM-Four 0.9

FM-Four 0.9  FM-Four – is a simple VST instrument that recreates four operators FM synthesis with some improvements like good known YAMAHA OPL/OPL2 chipsets. FM-Four can produce wide range of timbres that are rich in harmonics.

Download Harmonaut 0.9

Harmonaut 0.9  Freeware virtual instrument that implements an additive synthesis with 32 drawable harmonics.