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Freeware Programs: Tomas Hakel
Download UFO Hell 1.5

UFO Hell 1.5  A challenging fast paced game, in which you shoot UFOs while dodging the many projectiles that fill the screen. Has three difficulty settings, and multiple stages (more will be added with future updates). So, can you beat all the big bad bosses?

Download Apple Tree!! 1.0

Apple Tree!! 1.0  Catch apples (and pineapples) falling from a tree! But be wary of the strong wind and bombs that grow on the tree as well. Highly customisable and fun. So can you catch them all?

Download White Snake 1.3

White Snake 1.3  The snake game You can control the snake by 1. swiping your finger across the screen 2. taping the screen to the left/right/up/down of the snake 3.