Freeware Programs: Tightcannon.co.uk
Download Loiterer 1.0

Loiterer 1.0  Loiterer is a small, no frills utility for busy people to paste text into for later viewing. Loiterer can be started up with Windows and resides on the Taskbar until needed

Download UpStarter 1.0

UpStarter 1.0  Program to start your favorite applications. The right hand panel has some pre-set Windows stuff

Download ClientTimer 1.3

ClientTimer 1.3  ClientTimer is a program to record and total up time spent working for a client or on a project or

Download Bills Watcher 2.00

Bills Watcher 2.00  Bills Watcher allows the user to store details of all bills paid

Download Contact Numbers 1.0

Contact Numbers 1.0  Contact Numbers is an uncomplicated way to store the Phone numbers/Emails of Friends,

Download Speed HangMan 1.0

Speed HangMan 1.0  This is a variation on the old Hangman game

Download Need to Know 1.0

Need to Know 1.0  Need to Know is an uncomplicated list keeper for the sort of things you need to know and wish that you?d made note

Download Task Minder 1.0

Task Minder 1.0  Task Minder is an easy to use program to handle to-do tasks and store tasks done in a log file that that is searchable and also stamps date & time when each task is

Download Rock, Paper, Scissors 1.0

Rock, Paper, Scissors 1.0  The User can play Rock, Paper, Scissors with the Computer. The first to win eleven games wins the Set

Download Form Colours 1.5

Form Colours 1.5  Form Colours is an application that will help programmers and others who want to give their stuff an individual look

Download MemoCal 1.5

MemoCal 1.5  MemoCal is an easy to use program to store appointments or

Download LifeMeter 1.0

LifeMeter 1.0  Program to measure your life in various ways

Download Calorie Counting 2.0

Calorie Counting 2.0  Calorie Counting is an application to add up the Calories and Fat in the foods items

Download InfoOnDisk 1.5

InfoOnDisk 1.5  InfoOnDisk is intended to store information about Data held on CDs/DVDs, etc

Download DownLoads Fingerer 1.00

DownLoads Fingerer 1.00  Keep track of downloaded files.People often download many files in a browsing session.They are often left for long periods before beingDealt with. Cryptic filenames like Kw677prt.zip give usno idea about what the file is for