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Freeware Programs: The 3D Games
Download Twisted Tank Metal 1.0

Twisted Tank Metal 1.0  Armed in a FG002 supertank, you must collect the tank-pods from the ruins of Kafaar city. Watch out for enemy tanks. Your second objective is to destroy the superturret located somewhere in the city.

Download Crazy Snake 1.0

Crazy Snake 1.0  The happy snake is in the jungle and the crazy chicken want to eat it, 10 level of funny 3D Game.

Download Carniraptor 1.0

Carniraptor 1.0  You are flying in the jungle and discover a huge zone of Carniraptor, you have to kill all, very funny 3D Game

Download Globin Raider 1.0

Globin Raider 1.0  In the middle of the jungle Globin have to fight with many Bunny and collect all the gold, 5 level plenty of action

Download Hell's Room 1.0

Hell's Room 1.0  Somewhere in a jail that look like hell, you must to escape from this room, take care off there are Zombies and many fire, find the bio medical to can cross trough the fire and escape from this night matter.

Download Lab Danger 1.0

Lab Danger 1.0  First Person Shoot Multiplayer 3D game, the scenery is a small laboratory, you can play it, with your friends our with others persons of the 3D Games community, Good luck every body and enjoy the game

Download Lite Secret 1.0

Lite Secret 1.0  In the lab of the professor Von Patrick, your partners of squadron has been sequestered , you have to find him and rescue with life

Download Moon Racer 1.0

Moon Racer 1.0  driving a F1 cartoon car in a surface of the moon and take care of the spaceman.

Download MotorBike Racing 1.0

MotorBike Racing 1.0  Fascinating 3D Motorbike Racing and dynamic with realistic 3d graphics and great sound.

Download Mutant Force 1.0

Mutant Force 1.0  a fps horror 3d game with 5 level in each one is more difficult to end, kill the mutant and try keep with live.

Download Space Conquest 1.0

Space Conquest 1.0  The space, the professor Von Patrick has invented the Jet Pack, you can fly whit it, the invasion has beginning, kill all enemy and capture the building

Download Tomato Racer 1.0

Tomato Racer 1.0  Fascinating Silly Racer and dynamic 3D racing with realistic 3d graphics and great sound.

Download Tomato Rich 1.0

Tomato Rich 1.0  You must pick up all the gold, because your mission in this game are go to be rich!

Download Blood of Vampire 1.0

Blood of Vampire 1.0  Horror 3D Game, the mutan, the ghost and many more, want the blood of the vampire, he has only 3 minutes to find more blood to keep live, there are many dangerous in this world.

Download Scorpion Invader 1.0

Scorpion Invader 1.0  Somewhere in a city, scorpion ship come to invader the world, commander you have to destroy them, in you little chop, good luck, you go to need it

Download Tomato Crazy 1.0

Tomato Crazy 1.0  Fascinating and dynamic silly game with realistic 3d graphics and great sound. You are a tomato and you must run very fast because the time is running and a crazy bird want to kill you, amazing 3D silly game and very Fun..

Download Tomato Salad 1.0

Tomato Salad 1.0  The Crazy Bunny have hungry and in the land only there is a tomato, that is you, and you have thirst , you have to drink all the cup of wine, hurry up tomato, if not, you will go finish in a salad.

Download Tomb Strike 1.0

Tomb Strike 1.0  aTomb, all the area is full of terrorist, the have a intelligent weapon, this mission is very difficult , you must kill all them.

Download Buggy Flyer 1.0

Buggy Flyer 1.0  The city was invader for huge bird, the professor Von Patrick invented a buggy that can fly , you with the new buggy have to kill all the bird.

Download Jumping Blue eye 1.0

Jumping Blue eye 1.0  A magic land all is very confuse, so many happy worm, want eat the jumping blue eye.

Download Space Raider 1.0

Space Raider 1.0  You have defeat wave after wave of enemy fihters, and you are the last pilot of your squad. You must make the run to the carryAll vessel and destroy it before it cmpletes its mission.

Download Toy Racer 1.0

Toy Racer 1.0  Fascinating and dynamic toy racingwith realistic 3d graphics and great sound.

Download Big Bee 1.0

Big Bee 1.0  The big bees want to sting, kill all bees and collect all the oranges in the magic land, you have 10 minutes only, you are a little mouse, weapon with cheese.

Download Cartoon Racer 1.0

Cartoon Racer 1.0  in silly way, you are driving a cartoon car and the spacer ship weapon with laser want destroy you, you have the end the racer in within 3 minutes, the is a hard way, begin now and good luck...

Download Alien Invasion 1.0

Alien Invasion 1.0  The invasion is begining, you must stop it. in a station spacial, many alien have the control.

Download Buggy Racer 1.0

Buggy Racer 1.0  Fascinating and dynamic driving game with realistic 3d graphics and great sound.

Download Church Strike 1.0

Church Strike 1.0  Inside the church all terrorist are hidden with the Boss, you mission is recover the control of the church and kill the boss.

Download Hummy Attack 1.0

Hummy Attack 1.0  Driving a Hummy and kill all the enemies in the middle of the some place in the africa, 3D war game

Download Rally Snow 1.0

Rally Snow 1.0  Simple Rally 3D Games with many obstacules.

Download Smart Tank 1.0

Smart Tank 1.0  A ruins city was invaded for the enemies, there are tanks in all the area, secure the zone commander.