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License: Freeware
Date Added: 17 February, 2013
Category: Scripts / Development Tools
Author: templatelite

Template Lite is a very fast, small HTML template engine written in PHP. The engine supports most of the Smarty template engine functions and filters. Template Lite has many advantages over other template engines, as well as a few disadvantages.



Template Lite is a very fast, small HTML template engine written in PHP. The engine supports most of the Smarty template engine functions and filters. Template Lite has many advantages over other template engines, as well as a few disadvantages. - Template Lite is a stripped down version of Smarty and thus is extremely fast, yet very similar to Smarty. - Template Lite uses most of the same basic syntax as Smarty template engine, making it relatively easy to port template files from Smarty and for previous users of Smarty to quickly learn how to use it. - Template Lite variable syntax, specifically variables in double quotes and concatentation, is designed to imitate PHP's, making variable usage intuitive for beginners who are used to programming in PHP. - Template Lite introduces the new switch and for tags, which have identical functionality to PHP's switch and for functions, respectively. - Template Lite compiles all template files for speed, making script start-up faster. All compiled files are saved for faster loading on the next load. - Template Lite will also optionally save a cached version of templates, thus bypassing any compiling or execution, as it will load static pages precompiled and assembled, offering significant speed increases. - Template Lite supports config files and variables and will compile config files for speed, too!

Operating Systems:  PHP, Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS

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