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Freeware Programs: TechSmith Corporation
Download Desktop Uploader 1.3 Desktop Uploader 1.3 Desktop Uploader is a program to upload files larger than 100 MB from your desktop. This utility was designed to be used with Screencast, a service for managing and sharing videos, images, and all kinds of documents online.

Download DubIt 2.0

DubIt 2.0  Dubit is an audio editing utility that allows you to add text to your videos. This application is also good for pictures. Dubit is a great application that will really save you valuable time

Download Camtasia Legacy Theater 5.1

Camtasia Legacy Theater 5.1  Camtasia Legacy Theater is a utility that enables you to create theaters in Adobe Flash format from your (.SWF) movies created by Camtasia Studio for versions earlier than 5

Download Camtasia Player 2.0

Camtasia Player 2.0  Camtasia Player is a simple, standalone video player for Windows. Camtasia Player is designed to guarantee high quality playback of your Camtasia Studio videos. Camtasia Player always plays back videos at 100% of their original size so that they

Download Ask3 1.8.0

Ask3 1.8.0  Ask3 is a TechSmith experiment in turning a class of individuals into a high-performing team. Ask3 turns classroom iPads into recordable whiteboards enabling peer-to-peer teaching and collaboration.