Super Mario - Princess Peach

License: Freeware
Size: 5.4 MB
Date Added: 22 August, 2012
Category: Games / Adventure & RPG Games

Super Mario Princess Peach is an entertaining game with an amazing touch of femininity that only our beloved Princess Peach can produce ...



Super Mario Princess Peach is an entertaining game with an amazing touch of femininity that only our beloved Princess Peach can produce. Usually this sweet princess is in danger and needs to be rescued from Bowser's castle, but this time she'll have more fun than before.

Peach flies on a globe just like her enemies, her mission is to avoid their constant shooting. If a shot reaches her you'll see a few cute little hearts floating away from her chest, indicating her health is decreasing and you have to take an evasive action quickly to avoid more damage.

Despite of the danger in the surroundings she's not defenseless altogether, a lot of turnips that she carries will be used as weapons by throwing them at the balloons. If you see a cube with a question mark suspended on the air you must approach it and take it to get bonus, special items and extra lives.

The graphics are incredibly bright and detailed, along with very cheerful music, it's a great game to kill a bit of time. Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to shoot, simple enough. Also remember that ghosts cannot be harmed when they're invisible, if you bump with a huge ghost and I'm sure you will, just dodge all his attacks and when it's fully visible throw your turnips to cause direct damage.

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