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Download Drinker's Handbook Lite 1.0

Drinker's Handbook Lite 1.0  For Entertainment Purposes Only. Last call for all drinker's! This is your must have app to compliment any party! With numerous virtual drinking games to play and awesome drink recipes, you will be the life of the party.

Download Weed Tycoon iHD 1.2

Weed Tycoon iHD 1.2  In a future world where the ban on cannabis has been lifted world wide, you are free to dive into this ground breaking industry to build a business empire and become a Weed Tycoon!

Download Marijuana Handbook Lite HD 2.7

Marijuana Handbook Lite HD 2.7  Containing hours upon hours of content, resources, and information for medicinal marijuana users to make you a Smoking Guru. Don't be the last of your friends to have this awesome app!