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Download SterJo Windows Key Finder 1.0

SterJo Windows Key Finder 1.0  SterJo Windows Key Finder is small and free software for recovering lost Windows product keys.

Download SterJo Key Finder 1.7

SterJo Key Finder 1.7  SterJo Key Finder is a free program for Windows that scans your PC for license keys for many different software programs including (but not limited to) Microsoft Windows (both Windows 7 and Windows 8 product key and the old Windows XP) and many more.

Download SterJo StartUp Monitor Free 1.7

SterJo StartUp Monitor Free 1.7  SterJo StartUp Monitor Free is an application that constantly tracks the creation or modification of the startup registry.

Download SterJo Task Manager Free 2.2

SterJo Task Manager Free 2.2  SterJo Task Manager Free is an advanced utility for process managing. It shows detailed information about each process and gives you the ability to terminate all unwanted or suspicious processes.

Download SterJo NetStalker 1.1

SterJo NetStalker 1.1  Many of us keep personal/work information in our PC’s, information that is meant strictly for our eyes only. This is where SterJo NetStalker comes to the rescue.

Download SterJo Wireless Passwords 1.4

SterJo Wireless Passwords 1.4  SterJo Wireless Passwords is a free password recovery software which you can use to recover your lost wireless network passwords. Just by running this software on your system you can easily check Wi-Fi names, passwords, and more within seconds.

Download SterJo Startup Patrol 1.4

SterJo Startup Patrol 1.4  The more applications are set to automatically launch at startup, the longer it will take your PC to boot. So If you want to edit, delete or manage the items in your Windows startup you need a simple tool called SterJo Startup Patrol.

Download SterJo Task Manager 2.7

SterJo Task Manager 2.7  SterJo Task Manager software is designed to manage all the running processes, services, total processes that use Internet, and registry programs. You can kill or terminate any running process or can set its priority high, low, medium, etc.