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Freeware Programs: Software Reflections
Download Math Test Creator 3.1

Math Test Creator 3.1  Math Test Creator generates math tests with answer sheets within seconds. These tests are for students in 1st to 7th grade. Math tests include: Addition, Subtraction, Comparison, Division and Multiplication.

Download Black Jack Master 1.0

Black Jack Master 1.0  Black Jack Master offers many games modes to choose from to test your black jack skills. From quick plays to black jack tournaments where your game rating counts. You can customize your cards and the game interface aswell.

Download Hieroglyphic Number Convertor 1.1

Hieroglyphic Number Convertor 1.1  Hieroglyphic Number Convertor will convert any whole number between 0- 1,000,000 into hieroglyphic format. It works fast and easy and comes with a legend to help understand how hieroglyphic numbers are utilized and displayed.

Download Code Starter 2.0

Code Starter 2.0  Code Starter creates code within seconds by just answering a few simple questions. C/C++ options include selecting variable data types and the quantity of each. HTML options include the quantity of buttons, links, radios, text boxes, etc.

Download Crypt Magic 1.0

Crypt Magic 1.0  Crypt Magic is easy to use and works fast. Just write out your message and then encrypt it. Nobody else will be able to read it. Crypt Magic utilizes a custom encryption method.