Freeware Programs:
Download Password format validator 1.0

Password format validator 1.0  This script validates that a given password meets certain security requirements, such as length, number of digits and other characters, etc.PHP Password validator script can be easily installed, used and modified to suit your needs.

Download YearCalendar 0.0.2b 1.0

YearCalendar 0.0.2b 1.0  YearCalednar is a WebControl based on Atlas that let you plan your free days over a year.

Download CASK 2.0

CASK 2.0  CASK enables an individual or an ISP to quickly create a community Web site such as a user group site, a developer resource site, or a news site.

Download PHP MicroCMS Free 1.0.1

PHP MicroCMS Free 1.0.1  It is an excellent tool written in OOP for building small and secure websites.This CMS allows users with very little technical knowledge to build their own website with just a few clicks.

Download TheBeerHouse 1.0

TheBeerHouse 1.0  TheBeerHouse is a website developed with pure ASP.NET 2 which includes a number of features and modules that you expect from a typical CMS / e-commerce website, such as: - Layout with user-selectable themes.

Download SplendidCRM 1.3

SplendidCRM 1.3  SplendidCRM Software, Inc. has released SplendidCRM Professional 1.3 and SplendidCRM Open-Source 1.3, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications licensed in part under the "SugarCRM Public License 1.1.3". The focus on 1.

Download PHP Datagrid Free 4.2.8 Beta / 4.2.0

PHP Datagrid Free 4.2.8 Beta / 4.2.0  This is an excellent tool for a database-driven websites, adding a backend for your existing website, or just simple data administration.It is also useful for dynamic content management and PHP-based hosting providers.

Download Altairis Simple ASP.NET SQL Providers 1.0

Altairis Simple ASP.NET SQL Providers 1.0  The provider object model, as present in ASP.NET 2.0, is a great step forward from hand-coded behavior in ASP.NET 1.x. But the provider model is only as useful as are available providers.Microsoft .

Download DataGrid Atlas Extender Control 1.0

DataGrid Atlas Extender Control 1.0  Features : - Column resizing -The user can resize grid columns - Drag and drop row sorting - Drag elements between two grids - Rich client-side api for advanced features - You can make the grid look anyway you want just adjusting the css.

Download jsLinb 2.1 Beta 1.0

jsLinb 2.1 Beta 1.0  It was developed to help programmers build complex cutting-edge web applications. It brings functionality to any backend or static HTML pages.

Download PHP Easy Installer Free 1.0.1

PHP Easy Installer Free 1.0.1  It can be used by any developer that needs to create an installation module for various PHP applications.PHP Easy Installer is an easy-to-setup PHP script for creating a user-friendly installation wizard.

Download Phalanger 1.0

Phalanger 1.0  Phalanger is a new PHP implementation introducing the PHP language into the family of compiled .NET languages. It provides PHP applications an execution environment that is fast and extremely compatible with the vast array of existing PHP code.

Download UvumiTools Odometer 1.0.0

UvumiTools Odometer 1.0.0  It can be used to generate a moving counter for everything, from shopping cart scripts to traffic counters.The script is animated using the Mootools framework.

Download UvumiTools Textarea Plugin 1.1.0

UvumiTools Textarea Plugin 1.1.0  The textarea has a basic look to it, with no WYSIWYG editor incorporated, but with a couple of fancy features.There is an animated progress bar that displays the number of characters left.

Download JS Auto Form Validator 1.0.5

JS Auto Form Validator 1.0.5  It allows specifying certain form elements as "required" or "non-required" and also their specific type: text, password, numeric, zip code etc.The script checks if the fields are empty before validating the form.

Download PHP Dataform 1.0.1

PHP Dataform 1.0.1  Especially designed for those who do not have time to write all of their code, PHP Dataform provides a simple way to create custom forms for any kind of purpose.

Download UvumiTools ColorSphere Plugin 1.0.0

UvumiTools ColorSphere Plugin 1.0.0  The script is built using the Mootools framework.It helps users select colors or it can help programmers find the hexcode for the desired color.The script can be included several times in the same page.

Download Elasticity Worm 1.0

Elasticity Worm 1.0  Elasticity Worm script demonstrates how simple elasticity drives a five node worm.

Download Space Filling 1.0

Space Filling 1.0  Space Filling script demonstrates thew use of blur effect in Flash animation.

Download UvumiTools Gallery 1.0.2

UvumiTools Gallery 1.0.2  Clicking on the thumbnails transforms the gallery into a slideshow.Another photo can be selected from the right column of the page. The gallery is easy to use and can be customized throught the CSS and HTML code.

Download UvumiTools Crop 2.0.1

UvumiTools Crop 2.0.1  Using an additional PHP server-side script, users have the choice to download or save the cropped images.This script is useful for online applications or websites that need an image cropping tool available for their online users.

Download UvumiTools Dropdown Menu 1.1.2

UvumiTools Dropdown Menu 1.1.2  Simple and lite, the menu can be edited by replacing or adding tags in the HTML code.This dropdown menu allows squeezing many items in a thin horizontal bar by using sub-menus.

Download UvumiTools DockMenu 1.0.0

UvumiTools DockMenu 1.0.0  It reproduces Mac OS dock effect in JavaScript, thanks to the Mootools JavaScript Framework.The menu appears horizontally across the bottom or the top of the page. Its position can be changed inside the HTML code.

Download UvumiTools Scrollbar Plugin 1.1.0

UvumiTools Scrollbar Plugin 1.1.0  It is suitable for customizing text or any other scrollable containers on web pages.This script can provide scrollable elements, create text hiding buttons or buttons that scroll elements.

Download FTP Writer Class 1.0

FTP Writer Class 1.0  This class can be used to send files to a FTP server.It uses the PHP FTP extension to establish a FTP connection, authenticate with a given user name and upload files to the server.

Download FTP Client Class 1.0

FTP Client Class 1.0  FTP Client Class is a simple FTP client without ftp module. This class uses only standard functions. e.g. fsockopen(), fputs, fread().

Download Upload FTP 1.0

Upload FTP 1.0  This class can be use to upload files to a FTP server.It can connect to an FTP server with a given user name and password using the PHP FTP extension.The class can transfer a given file to the FTP server.

Download ftp php class 1.0

ftp php class 1.0  This script is a class that connects to a FTP server to work with files and directores.

Download Mr. FTP 1.0

Mr. FTP 1.0  Mr. FTP is a class that is capable of establishing FTP connections and transfer files using the PHP FTP extension.

Download 3SS FTP 1.0

3SS FTP 1.0  This class can copy files to an FTP server using the PHP FTP extension.