Freeware Programs: SILVERAGE Software
Download Regular Expression Laboratory 1.05

Regular Expression Laboratory 1.05  RXL is an assistant simple to use tool to help you learn and prepare regular expressions. If you are a developer or just concerned with text processing tasks, the Regular Expression Laboratory is a tool that you need.

Download Colour Spy 1.5

Colour Spy 1.5  With Colour Spy you can easily pick the exact RGB Hex Colour Code from any window of the screen and place it on clipboard to access from any HTML or graphics editor !

Download Handy ImageMapper 1.5

Handy ImageMapper 1.5  Handy Image Mapper lets you easily create and insert the unlimited number of rectangular, circular, and polygonal Image Map elements in HTML documents to arrange your web site navigation by means of images enabling to attach any parts of an image to

Download FreeBee Find And Replace 1.1

FreeBee Find And Replace 1.1  Search and replace tool with full Unicode support. Save many hours of manual editing that you spend daily for updating all your files of any type either at your local disks. Command line switches for automated tasks.