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Download Free Quiz-Buddy 4.1

Free Quiz-Buddy 4.1  Free Quiz-Buddy is a free program that makes it easy to memorize various subjects. Adjusts to your way of learning. Includes 20 quizzes on Multiplication, State Capitals, Spanish, Spelling, French. Funny sounds, skins, four quiz modes and more.

Download Tiny Mortgage Calculator 1.0

Tiny Mortgage Calculator 1.0  Tiny Mortgage Calculator 1.0 is a free Windows application that lets you quickly calculate some essential mortgage-related figures. Simply enter the amount to be financed, the interest rate and duration of the loan.

Download Quiz-Buddy for Palm OS 1.8

Quiz-Buddy for Palm OS 1.8  Quiz-Buddy for Palm OS makes it easy to memorize words, dates, etc. Adjusts to your way of learning to make it more efficient. Includes quizzes for SAT Verbal, Spanish vocabulary, U.S. Presidents and State Capitals.

Download Palm Coast Screensaver 1.0

Palm Coast Screensaver 1.0  Palm Coast, Florida is situated in the eastern portion of Flagler County, which is located on the Atlantic coast, in the heart of Northeast Florida, equidistant between the cities of Jacksonville and Orlando.

Download Sight Words Buddy 1.0

Sight Words Buddy 1.0  Teach your kids to read the most frequently used words with this fun program.- Sight Words drills for Pre-Primer, Primer, First Grade, Second Grade and Third Grade levels - High-quality audio - Colorful skins - Results chart - Free for pers

Download Math Games Level 1 1.0

Math Games Level 1 1.0  Math Games Level 1 teaches addition and multiplication with numbers from 1 to 12. Using the mouse, a student can select the values to calculate.

Download Math Games Multiplication 1.0

Math Games Multiplication 1.0  Memorizing multiplication tables is an essential part of elementary education. A student who has mastered multiplication gains a solid foundation for achievement in mathematics throughout high school and beyond.

Download Quiz-Buddy Lite 2.5

Quiz-Buddy Lite 2.5  Quiz-Buddy Lite - a learning and test-preparation tool.It is a free version of a more sophisticated Quiz-Buddy.The program comes with quizzes for learningMultiplication and State Capitals.

Download Free Password Helper 1.0

Free Password Helper 1.0  Free Password Helper is a simple program that can help you in creating passwords. The password is created based on a word or a phrase of your choice and a numerical shift mask also of your choice.

Download Wacky Mortgage Calculator 1.0

Wacky Mortgage Calculator 1.0  Understand Your Mortgage Payments. Even if you are not a financial genius, mastering the ins and outs of mortgage math is easier when you use our intuitive and fun Mortgage Calculator. This software is free.

Download Math Games - Multiplication 1.1

Math Games - Multiplication 1.1  Math Games - Multiplication 1.1 is a small, exciting and useful software which is designed and developed in such a way that it is fit to come into the educational category of games. This software helps the school going children to learn and

Download Sight Words Quiz 1.0

Sight Words Quiz 1.0  This App teaches Dolch Sight Words, some of the most often used words in the English language.