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Freeware Programs: Schneider Electric
Download ELAU PacDrive Diagnostics 2.1

ELAU PacDrive Diagnostics 2.1  Rapid error analysis is a central topic in the automation field. The PacDrive Diagnostics tool offers comprehensive support

Download DS ControlPoint 7.2

DS ControlPoint 7.2  DS ControlPoint is a powerful graphical user interface that allows users to monitor any combination of analog and IP devices through a single interface

Download SFT2826 101.1

SFT2826 101.1  SFT2826 software is used to display, analyze and print fault records made by Sepam relays. It uses files with COMTRADE format (IEEE standard common format for transient data exchange for power systems)

Download Micrologic RCU 7.3

Micrologic RCU 7.3  RCU (Remote Control Utility) is a simple SCADA software for: - Compact NSX circuit breakers, - Masterpact circuit breakers, - Power Meters. Depending on the equipment the RCU software is connected to, RCU enables the user to: - display the

Download CanFAST 6.2

CanFAST 6.2  Canfast is a design and quotation package for the Canalis range of bus bar trunking

Download DLF-3000 3.3

DLF-3000 3.3  The Download Firmware Upgrade Utility (DLF3000) is a tool used to install the latest firmware version for your POWERLOGIC or POWERLINK device. This free software application is easy to install, easy to use and has a friendly user interface

Download PowerLogic PowerView 4.0

PowerLogic PowerView 4.0  PowerLogic® PowerView™ software is an easy-to-use, entry-range power monitoring solution ideally suited for small system applications. Companies continually look for innovative solutions to cut power-related costs and optimize equipment use

Download Schneider Electric Sensor Selector 1.8

Schneider Electric Sensor Selector 1.8  Schneider Electric has an ambitious strategy of innovation, quality and efficiency and actively pursues partnerships and acquisitions to broaden its lineup

Download Unity Loader 2.1

Unity Loader 2.1  This .iso file contains an integrity check created with CRCDIR tool. It is recommanded to check the integrity of the burned CD or of the .iso content before installing the software by using this tool - See published document "CRCDIR Tool to check

Download RTU Configuration Software 1.1

RTU Configuration Software 1.1  With the RTU Configuration Software, telecontrol variables (Single points, Double points, Measured values, Integrated totals, Single commands, Double commands, and Set points) can be configured for an application using WADE TSXHEW3xx devices,

Download Zelio Soft 2 4.5

Zelio Soft 2 4.5  Alarm software to send alarm to a PC, SMS to a GSM, email via SMS Zelio Soft software for Zelio Logic smart relays (SR2/ SR3). Includes programming software, self-training module, application library, and technical instructions. Operating system:

Download TM5-7 DTM Library 1.0

TM5-7 DTM Library 1.0  Modicon TM5 (IP 20) and Modicon TM7 (IP 67) distributed I/O islands can be integrated on the CANopen bus using the "Performance distributed I/O configuration software" for external automation software application. The TM5/TM7 CANOpen Interfaces are

Download Drives and Soft Start Selection Guide 5.1

Drives and Soft Start Selection Guide 5.1  Schneider Electric is pleased to provide you with the latest release of our HVAC/Pump & Fan "off line" selector guide. Not only is this a selection and pricing guide, current documentation is also provided

Download HarmCalc 4.0

HarmCalc 4.0  Schneider Electric is pleased to provide you with the latest release of HarmCalc™ Manager Software, one of the most powerful and practical simulation tools in the industry for running harmonic analysis for adjustable speed drives

Download curve direct 3.4

curve direct 3.4  Curve direct is a software intended for all people seeking to view the behavior of automatic breaking devices placed in cascade in a LV electrical network. Curve direct is used to view coordination between devices. This tool therefore enhances the

Download Wiser HD 1.1.0

Wiser HD 1.1.0  The Wiser application provides a iPhone/iPad connection to your Wiser Home Control System. Either locally, through your home's wireless access point or via your device's 3G connection, control of your home through Wiser is as simple as connecting.