sBLOG 0.73b

License: Freeware
Date Added: 26 April, 2013
Category: Scripts / Blogs
Author: sblog

sBLOG is a simple blog manager.Features: - CaptchaNEW - Create and manage static pages. - Customizable menu. - Flexible CSS markup - Applies to W3C standards. - Multi-langual interface - Ability to censor certain words.



sBLOG is a simple blog manager.Features: - CaptchaNEW - Create and manage static pages. - Customizable menu. - Flexible CSS markup - Applies to W3C standards. - Multi-langual interface - Ability to censor certain words. This can also be used to hilite words. - Posts are automaticly organised into the archive. This can easily be disabled. - sBLOG comes with a variety of blocks. These blocks can easily be enabled/disabled and positioned to match your needs. Write your own block or download user contributed blocks. You can also add and/or edit "custom blocks" online. - Posts are automaticly assigned to the calendar. - By using templates, styles and language files sBLOG becomes very flexible and integration into existing site designs made easier. - Support for different time zones. - sBLOG comes with an installer that also works as an upgrader from previous versions. - Edit, save drafts, preview and publish your posts. - Upload, organize and publish your images. - Organise your posts into different categories to keep your blog structured. - sBLOG makes use of BBCodes which are often used by forums and very easy to learn. - Syndication using RSS Feeds and/or XHTML - Applies to the RSS 2.0 and/or W3C specifications. - Applies to Six Apart's trackback specifications. - Let your visitors search for posts in your database. - Users can leave comments on specific posts (the comments can even be formatted using BBCodes). - User comments can also be disabled. - Applies to W3C standards. - URL rewriting

Operating Systems:  PHP, Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS

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