Freeware Programs: SB-Software
Download ForPilots Pocket CheckList 1.1

ForPilots Pocket CheckList 1.1  ForPilots Pocket CheckList is an electronic checklist for pilots. It comes preconfigured with a generic checklist that is suitable for most light general aviation aircraft. The software is fully configurable and you can create your own checklists.

Download \Scott's Space Invaders\ 1.7

\Scott's Space Invaders\ 1.7  \Scott's Space Invaders is like the good ol&apos\; space invaders that you remember, but with a few additional perks and powerups, some new tricks, and designed to operate on modern PC hardware. It requires windows XP and DirectX 9.0 or higher.

Download VisDir Free Disk Space Finder 1.4

VisDir Free Disk Space Finder 1.4  \This free user-friendly utility helps you visualize which programs on your hard drive are using too much disk space. It creates a navigable pie-chart visualization of the space utilization on your computer. Freeware with no expiration.

Download Political Invaders 1.4

Political Invaders 1.4  \Throw pies at the Politicians and their henchmen. The game plays similarly to the popular Space Invaders arcade game. Features 3D rendered graphics, and requires DirectX 9.0 or greater. Fun, exciting, and free!

Download Scotts Windows Startup Program Manager 1.1

Scotts Windows Startup Program Manager 1.1  \This free utility manages windows startup programs for you (you know, those annoying little things that start up automatically every time you boot). Easy to use GUI interface lets you add, remove, and edit startup entries. Freeware.

Download Quick Number Base Converter 1.3

Quick Number Base Converter 1.3  \Quick Number Base Converter is a small utility application that sits in the windows system tray. When you need to converter between decimal, hex, binary, etc -- just click the icon and the converter pops up. This software is freeware.

Download \Scott's JPEG Commenter\ 1.1

\Scott's JPEG Commenter\ 1.1  \Scott's JPEG commenter is a user-friendly application designed to help you edit comments in jpeg (or .jpg) files. The program provides a user-friendly explorer-like interface with a thumbnail preview viewer.

Download SBHttpStat Statistics 1.2

SBHttpStat Statistics 1.2  \SBHttpStat repeatedly fetches a URL from a web server and generates a plot of the throughput and latency. You can use it to see how your web server is performing, or to benchmark your internet connection. Freeware.

Download Interactive DNS Query 1.2

Interactive DNS Query 1.2  \Interactive DNS Query is a program designed to allow you to perform a query of DNS records. It is similar to the unix "dig&quot\; or "nslookup&quot\; commands, and uses a convenient GUI interface.

Download SBHisto Histogram Generator 1.2

SBHisto Histogram Generator 1.2  \Generates histograms from simple ascii data files. Creates both a text output and a graphical chart that can be printed. Simple tool intended for easy use. Fully functional with no limitations. Generates histograms from simple ascii data files.

Download Scotts Lansonic Remote 1.0

Scotts Lansonic Remote 1.0  \This remote control applet is designed to be used with "Lansonic&quot\; Digital Audio Servers. The Lansonic DAS was a stereo component sold sometime around 2000-2003.

Download ForPilots TestPrep 1.1

ForPilots TestPrep 1.1  ForPilots TestPrep is designed as an aid in studying for the Private Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land knowledge test. The program is a standalone application designed for windows-based computers. It should work on every version of windows from 95

Download NewsFinder 1.3

NewsFinder 1.3  Newsfinder is a utility program that helps you find free news servers. It does this by starting with a server that you have access to, and using it to see what servers other people are posting from. It then checks these servers by trying to log in

Download Scott's Windows Startup Program Manager 1.1

Scott's Windows Startup Program Manager 1.1  Scott's Windows Startup Program Manager, as its name indicates, is a free program that gives us the opportunity to view and fully manage all the items that we have installed in our Windows Startup

Download Scott's Model Railroad Screensaver 1.4

Scott's Model Railroad Screensaver 1.4  It's an animated model railroad screensaver. Its actually wrote the first version of this thing back in 1997. It's been updated with a new compiler and designed to work with the latest directx libraries

Download Scott's Wallpaper Switcher 1.7

Scott's Wallpaper Switcher 1.7  Wallpaper Switcher 1.7 is a simple system tray utility for changing wallpapers on your desktop. It doesn't need a lot of system resources for its performance. This application has a very simple and easy-to-use interface

Download Scott's Lansonic Remote 1.0

Scott's Lansonic Remote 1.0  The Lansonic DAS was a stereo component sold sometime around 2000-2003. The Lansonic was one of the first digital audio server available for home use. You could buy it either with or without an internal hard drive

Download SortPics 2.9

SortPics 2.9  SortPics is a picture viewer, organizer and a duplicate finder. You will really benefit from this application if you have a large amount of pictures that you need to go through on a regular basis

Download SBHistogram 1.2

SBHistogram 1.2  SBHistogram generates simple histograms from simple ASCII data files. It's a simple tool designed to be easy to use. A histogram is a chart in which data values in counted and placed into buckets. For example, let's assume you want to do a histogram

Download Scott's JPEG Commenter 1.2

Scott's JPEG Commenter 1.2  Scott's JPEG Commenter is a free JPEG commenter for Windows. This program has been designed to help us add comments (as far as those are needed) to our photo collection