Freeware Programs: LLC
Download Vital Statistics 1.0

Vital Statistics 1.0  Track, graph and share your blood pressure, pulse, weight, body fat, calorie intake, cholesterol, psa, blood sugar, haemoglobin, diet and exercise and record notes.

Download Visual Toolkit 1.0

Visual Toolkit 1.0  Use your iPhone as a magnifying glass, reading glasses, a flashlight or a mirror. Pinch to zoom.

Download Extended Circle 1.2

Extended Circle 1.2  This app is a customer relationship tool for small businesses. It can also be used to create your own social network. This app is backward compatible with and replaces our app Daycare Communicator.

Download Diabetic's Diary 1.2

Diabetic's Diary 1.2  This app is for you to record your progress with diabetes. It permits you to enter information manually, and also interfaces with the PC software for the following families of meters: FreeStyle, Precision, OneTouch, Contour and iBGStar.