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Download About War 1.0.1

About War 1.0.1  History of Mankind is dotted with many bloody wars which was reason for mass destruction of life and property. In stone ages, Human fought with Nature for his survival, later they started fighting within themselves.

Download Convert Units iApp 1.0

Convert Units iApp 1.0  Converter is a simple unit converter. Cool Interface and easy to use, with nice color and design.

Download Rivers and Peaks 1.0

Rivers and Peaks 1.0  Natural Resources is responsible for restoring and protecting natural resources as rivers acts as source for freshwater for human, plants and animals.

Download History of Inventions 1.0

History of Inventions 1.0  There is one who would have been passionately invented a gadget which we use it casually, if we pause a moment and think about all the things around us from the wall paint to your mobile would have been invented by someone, some facts hidden behind i

Download Agaram 1.0

Agaram 1.0  App for kids to Learn Tamil. Tamil alphabets consist of Vowels, Consonants, compound forms and one special character akh (?). In Tamil language the vowels are the life of the entire alphabetic scripts.

Download FC Horgen 1.0.1

FC Horgen 1.0.1  Mit der offiziellen Applikation des FC Horgen bleibst Du immer am Ball. Unterwegs hast Du Zugriff auf die News des Vereins sowie auf die Spielberichte der ersten Mannschaft.

Download FruVita 1.0

FruVita 1.0  FruVita app helps us to learn the basic as well scientific facts about a Fruit. Fruits being an optional diet in regular course of a meal, the necessity of fruits of physical well being cannot be taken lightly.

Download Countries and Capitals 1.0

Countries and Capitals 1.0  The idea of Nation is considered as a sentimental value to its countrymen.

Download Search Contacts by Phonenumber 1.0

Search Contacts by Phonenumber 1.0  Search your contacts even with number! Your phone book is flooded with contacts and in a quick time want to search a person, type the phone number guessing a local, international with the operator whatever clue that strikes you.

Download Kathal 1.0

Kathal 1.0  Cupid will not strike, if you keep yourself buried in the couch. To get the blessings of the Lord Cupid you have to know what exactly it requires you to make love. The course of true love never did run smooth - William Shakespeare.

Download Alphabet Writing 1.0

Alphabet Writing 1.0  Learn Writing an app for school kids to learn the alphabet. Since kids consider mobiles as toy, it is the best way to teach them English Alphabets in a friendly way.

Download Bar/QR-Code Scan&Generator 2.1

Bar/QR-Code Scan&Generator 2.1  QR or Bar-code Scanner If you are looking to download a QR-Code & Bar Code reader so that you can scan and read mobile barcodes and QR-codes, you have come to the right place.