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Download Shaman of Ukraine v2.0

Shaman of Ukraine v2.0  \makes predictions based on ancient Ukrainian occult knowledge. This program allows you to make predictions without any special training. You simply type in a question, then close your eyes. You shall see a shining figure in your mind.

Download BookReader 4.1

BookReader 4.1  BookReader is a comfortable e-book viewer. The program can scroll text automatically. In addition BookReader includes a uniquie on-line library browser for direct download from more than 4000 free books.

Download ForumPilot 1.1

ForumPilot 1.1  ForumPilot automatically grabs new posts from on-line message boards and allows you to read them using a unified user interface, very similar to your normal e-mail client. If you are a regular forum sites visitor, ForumPilot can save you a lot of

Download 3DWebButton 1.7

3DWebButton 1.7  3DWebButton can be used for generating nice 3D web buttons and headings for websites. We can make our site more attractive with the use of 3D buttons generated by this program

Download 1Click Web SlideShow 2.0

1Click Web SlideShow 2.0  1ClickWebSlideShow will automatically search Web sites for images. You don't have to wait until all images are downloaded to start watching the show. 1ClickWebSlideShow's download engine is optimized to retrieve pictures so fast that you can