Freeware Programs:
Download Ruby/LDAP 0.9.8

Ruby/LDAP 0.9.8  Ruby/LDAP is an extension library for Ruby. It provides the interface to some LDAP libraries (e.g. OpenLDAP, Netscape SDK and Active Directory)

Download Work Time Recorder 2.0

Work Time Recorder 2.0  Handy tool for tracking time spent on particular projects, activities, etc

Download acts_as_solr 1.0

acts_as_solr 1.0  The acts_as_solr plugin allows you to interact Rails with the Solr search engine.

Download Win32 Utils 1.0

Win32 Utils 1.0  A series of packages that provide Ruby interfaces to Win32 systems and services. This project supports the Windows NT family of operating systems *only*.

Download Virtual Machine Builder 0.0.1

Virtual Machine Builder 0.0.1  Tools to build and manage Rails Virtual Machines, using Capistrano.

Download catamount 1.0

catamount 1.0  Ruby goes corporate with Catamount, an enterprise-deployment framework for Ruby applications. Catamount enables administrators to manage network access, database connectivity, messaging integration, and auth/az services for Ruby and Rails apps.

Download OpenOffice for Ruby (OOo4R) 0.1.1

OpenOffice for Ruby (OOo4R) 0.1.1  OpenOffice for Ruby (OOo4R) was an atempt to provide a resonably complete, pure-Ruby OpenOffice v1.x DOM API.

Download Ruby PDF Tools 1.1.3

Ruby PDF Tools 1.1.3  Tools written in pure Ruby (no C extensions) for working with PDF documents.

Download Text Formatting 1.0.0

Text Formatting 1.0.0  The Text Formatting project is dedicated to libraries and utilities providing text formatting capabilities.

Download Adhearsion 0.7.6

Adhearsion 0.7.6  Adhearsion is an Asterisk/VoIP integration framework.

Download Flex Attributes 0.01

Flex Attributes 0.01  Flex Attributes allows for the common but questionable database design of storing attributes in a thin key/value table related to some model.

Download ORMQL Rails plugin 0.1.0

ORMQL Rails plugin 0.1.0  This script is a plugin for Rails that adds a finder to retrieve ActiveRecord objects from database using a new 'query language' named ORMQL (Object Relational Mapping Query Language) that makes eager loading easy.

Download Ruby/OpenBase 0.7.3

Ruby/OpenBase 0.7.3  Ruby/OpenBase is a ruby extension library to access OpenBase database from Ruby.

Download Validator Rails plugin 0.1.0

Validator Rails plugin 0.1.0  Validator Rails plugin allows to validate user input data independently of the model.

Download CodeRay

CodeRay  CodeRay is fast syntax highlighter for Ruby and other languages. It produces colorful, valid XHTML. CodeRay's design goal: simple, beautiful code highlighting for;s designrd/wiki/blog/doc/website.

Download Rails Editor 0.0.26

Rails Editor 0.0.26  This is a little package that creates a ./script/editor functionality for a ruby on rails tree. This enables a console IDE utilizing screen and vim which makes editing rails on a consconsole Iy painless.

Download rb-appscript 1.0

rb-appscript 1.0  Ruby appscript (rb-appscript) is a high-level, user-friendly Apple event bridge that allows you to control scriptable Mac OS X applications using ordinary Ruby scripts.

Download Rally REST API 0.7.1

Rally REST API 0.7.1  Rally REST API is a properly ruby-ized interface to the REST API provided by Rally Software Development. This is an agile project and software development artifact management product.

Download CodeRay ruby

CodeRay ruby  CodeRay is fast syntax highlighter for Ruby and other languages. It produces colorful, valid XHTML. CodeRay's design goal: simple, beautiful code highlighting for your board/wiki/blog/doc/website.

Download ParseTree 1.7.1

ParseTree 1.7.1  ParseTree is a C extension (using RubyInline) that extracts the parse tree for an entire class or a specific method and returns it as a s-expression (aka sexp) using ruby's arrays, strings, symbols, and integers.

Download RImport 0.1.2

RImport 0.1.2  RImport takes RDoc-generated XML files and converts them into Ruby scripts that emit ri data files. It acts as a link between RDoc and ri, and allows one to add new documentation data files to the default ri data set.

Download LXL ruby 1.0

LXL ruby 1.0  LXL (Like Excel) is a mini-language that mimics Microsoft Excel formulas.

Download Sys Utils 5.0

Sys Utils 5.0  This project provides packages for system administration and information gathering.

Download ROXML 1.0

ROXML 1.0  ROXML is a module for binding Ruby classes to XML. It supports custom mapping and bidirectional marshalling between Ruby and XML using annotation-style class methods. ROXML is based on the REXML Ruby XML processor.

Download AntBuilder 1.0

AntBuilder 1.0  Write apache ant scripts in JRuby. A ground up implementation of the of the Groovy language's AntBuilder. This is not a translation of the Groovy code, but a from scratch implementation with some differences in style.

Download maruku 0.5.6

maruku 0.5.6  Maruku is a Markdown interpreter for Ruby. It also implements the syntax of PHP Markdown extra.

Download Ruby Java Bridge 1.0

Ruby Java Bridge 1.0  Ruby Java Bridge is a bridge between Ruby and Java using JNI (Java Native Interface).

Download qt2fxruby 1.0

qt2fxruby 1.0  qt2fxruby converts QT GUI forms into a Ruby/FXRuby program. It does not handle all the available QT widgets. Its purpose is to rapidly develop a gui interface to a Ruby program.

Download Test/Unit Reporter 1.0

Test/Unit Reporter 1.0  test/unit add-on to write test results in XML or HTML format.

Download MIME Multipart-Alternative Lite 0.0.1

MIME Multipart-Alternative Lite 0.0.1  This class creates a multipart/alternative MIME message body suitable for HTML E-mail. Fairly no-frills, the main feature is the easy creation of E_mail bodies that have both a plain-text and HTML verison, along with embedded images.