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Freeware Programs: Remco de Korte
Download Tentacle 2.0

Tentacle 2.0  Screensaver with 3D rendered images of tentacles, reaching into your screen.

Download DogFight 3.0

DogFight 3.0  DogFight is a screensaver with 3D rendered graphics.The Enterprise takes on a Bird of Prey in a desktop dogfight.See Starfleets Enterprise maneuvre against upto three Klingon Birds of Prey.You can set your desktop to shine through the background.v2.

Download SoftFire Screen Saver v2.0

SoftFire Screen Saver v2.0  lets you display two lines of burning text as your screen saver. You can modify the default text, and toggle the music on and off.

Download Maggot2000 Screen Saver v2.000

Maggot2000 Screen Saver v2.000  displays numerous maggots eating away at your screen, revealing what is underneath the surface. You can select the background to be black or have the maggots chew through your desktop.

Download Piggybank Screen Saver v1.2b

Piggybank Screen Saver v1.2b  displays pink piggy banks walking lazily around your screen. You can set the number of piggy banks, toggle the sound on and off, and keep your current desktop as the background, or use a black screen.

Download Octo Screen Saver v1.21

Octo Screen Saver v1.21  displays POV-Ray-based, 3D-rendered images of cartoonish octopi moving around your screen. You can have the octopi move over a black background, your current desktop, or a bluish one.

Download Dukkie Screen Saver v1.0

Dukkie Screen Saver v1.0  displays an animated, quacking duck laying eggs as your screen saver. You can select to include grass, and toggle the sound on and off.

Download Signs Screen Saver v1.0

Signs Screen Saver v1.0  displays symbols from the Wingdings font according to a simple and repetitive beat. You can view the saver in color, black and white, or grey mode, and toggle the sound on and off.

Download Arabesk Screen Saver v2.1

Arabesk Screen Saver v2.1  paints colorful, symmetric, continuously-changing patterns on your desktop. You can select between single and two-tone colors, and toggle the sound on and off.

Download Bubbloids Screen Saver v1.0

Bubbloids Screen Saver v1.0  displays beautiful, 3D-rendered images with bubbles gently floating over them.

Download Hypnodisk Screen Saver v1.3

Hypnodisk Screen Saver v1.3  \displays a colorful, multi-tiled, psychedelic effect as your screen saver.

Download Grey Matters Screen Saver v1.1

Grey Matters Screen Saver v1.1  displays an animated kaleidoscope of grey, white, and black patterns on your screen. The screen saver includes the option to mute the sound.

Download Meshmer Screen Saver v2.0

Meshmer Screen Saver v2.0  displays a bubbling checkerboard pattern on your screen.

Download DogFight Screen Saver v2.3

DogFight Screen Saver v2.3  displays Star Trek's Enterprise in battle with a Klingon Bird of Prey as your screen saver.

Download Paintball Screen Saver v1.0

Paintball Screen Saver v1.0  is a fascinating screen saver in which 3D-rendered bouncing balls paint a picture on your screen.