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Download Barracuda Home Server 3.3

Barracuda Home Server 3.3  BarracudaDrive - Home Server is a free Web-Server for personal use. BarracudaDrive includes many advanced features such as a Web File Manager, WebDAV, HTTPS tunnel, and an advanced server side scripting language.

Download BarracudaDrive 3.0

BarracudaDrive 3.0  BarracudaDrive is a free and secure multi-user Web-based file manager that does not require FTP access. The application includes a user editor and a database for restricting access, as well as a personal Web server.

Download HTTPS tunnel client 2.0

HTTPS tunnel client 2.0  Secure remote access to your PC or LAN from any Internet-connected computer. The Barracuda HTTPS tunnel allows you to encrypt arbitrary TCP connections inside SSL.

Download GetMyLAN 1.3

GetMyLAN 1.3  GetMyLan is very simple to use with nothing to configure on the remote PC. Just log on and you will access your corporate/home network with up to 256-bits encryption without any of the hassles of traditional VPN configurations