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Download Plone SEO 1.0

Plone SEO 1.0  Plone SEO (qSEOptimizer) is a product designed by Quintagroup to enhance search engine visibility of Plone sites. qSEOptimizer allows per document editing of META tags and Title tag.

Download Plone Captchas 1.2.2

Plone Captchas 1.2.2  Plone Captchas (qPloneCaptchas) is a simple captchas implementation for Plone, designed for validation human input in insecure forms. This is a standalone implementation with static captcha images, which does not depend on captchas.net services.

Download Plone Click Tracking Tool 0.4.4

Plone Click Tracking Tool 0.4.4  Plone Click Tracking Tool product is aimed for assisting in tracking advertisement campaigns in Plone websites. It allows to track clicks of visitors. Actual statistics calculation is performed by external log analysis system.

Download Plone SMS 0.1.4

Plone SMS 0.1.4  Plone SMS bundle provides the tool and sample content type. This solution allows Plone sites to send SMSes via XIAM gateways of Cellular operators directly to cellphones. Product is tested to work with XIAM gatway of O2 cellphone provider.

Download Discussion Moderation 1.2

Discussion Moderation 1.2  Discussion Moderation (qDiscussionModeration) is simple Plone product which enables moderation of CMF Discussion Items. Admin receives email notifications about new comment and is able to delete or publish it.

Download Plone Drop Down Menu 0.1.10

Plone Drop Down Menu 0.1.10  Plone Drop Down Menu product allows managing multilevel drop down menus in Plone. Drop down menu implemented by qPloneDropDownMenu Plone product is search engine friendly. Requirements: · Plone 2.0.5, 2.1.1, 2.1.

Download qRSS2Syndication 0.5.1

qRSS2Syndication 0.5.1  qRSS2Syndication is a product designed by Quintagroup to generate RSS2 feeds in Plone sites.qRSS2Syndication includes support of audio and video feeds. qRSS2Syndication allows the syndication of ATAudio objects, mp3, wmv, ppt, jpg files using RSS 2.

Download Plone Skin Dump 0.7.3

Plone Skin Dump 0.7.3  Plone Skin Dump (qPloneSkinDump) allows to create a Plone product based on some ZMI located in skin folder (eg "custom") from portal_skins.

Download Plone Blog 2.5.2

Plone Blog 2.5.2  Plone Blog is based on SimpleBlog product. It is enhanced with ping abilities, RSS2 support altogether with audio and video enclosures, TrackBacks.