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Freeware Programs: Qualcomm, Inc.
Download Eudora Pro (PPC) 4.3.1

Eudora Pro (PPC) 4.3.1  Eudora Pro is a popular email client for the Mac.

Download Eudora Pro Updater 4.3.3

Eudora Pro Updater 4.3.3  Eudora Pro 4.3.3 Updater will update any version of Eudora Pro 4.3.2 to version 4.3.3.

Download Qualcomm Brew MP SDK 7.1

Qualcomm Brew MP SDK 7.1  The Brew SDK gives you everything you need in one place. All Platform Kits contain both build and runtime components for the specified version of Brew MP. As new platform versions are released, you can download and install them