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Date Added: 03 May, 2013
Category: Scripts / Development Tools
Author: pype

PyPE (Python Programmers Editor) was written in order to offer a lightweight but powerful editor for those of you who think emacs is too much and idle is too little.



PyPE (Python Programmers Editor) was written in order to offer a lightweight but powerful editor for those of you who think emacs is too much and idle is too little. Syntax highlighting is included out of the box, as is multiple open documents via tabs.Features: - All menu items can have almost any key binding desired, support for international keyboard mappings and non-latin characters fully supported (Options -> Change Menus and Hotkeys) - Multiple open documents via tabs - Syntax highlighting for Python, Pyrex, HTML/XML, C/C , TeX/LaTeX, and plain text (plain text doesn't really have coloring) - Drag and drop re-arrangement of documents in the 'Documents' tool - Display documents with or without path information - Optional listing of previously open documents - Display previously open documents with or without path information - Drag and drop opening of files - Open stdlib/site-packages Python module when Python search path has been defined - Open all documents that were open when you last closed down PyPE (--last command-line option, File -> Open Last) - Save all documents with a single menu command - Command shell with command history - External-process Python shell with syntax highlighting; never experience the while 1: pass lockup of your editor again - Shells have optional display of indicators for lines recieved from the shell - Revert to previously saved version - Workspace management for handling projects - Browsable filesystem tool with bookmarkable paths (pathmarks) - Fully usable undo/redo - Per-document Find/Replace bars - Find bar with find-as-you-type - Replace bar with "Smart Case" replacements - Bars can be located on the top or bottom of the editor - Both support Python string escapes - Optional per-document history - Start/end selection without needing to hold down the shift key or select with the mouse - Indent/dedent region - Find in files - Searching through the current file, its includes, the selected text, open files, directories, or tags in directories - File inclusion/exclusion based on file extension - Optional case sensitivity, regular expressions, multi-line searches, whole-word, quoted, or commented - Three different methods to view your results - Spell checker with custom dictionary and alphabet support, along with spelling suggester - Easy changing of line endings - Easy changing of file encoding for unicode platforms, based on BOM - Support for coding: directive in Python source files - Wrap selected text to specified number of columns with CRLFCRLF line ending - Insert a full-line comment (for marking code sections) - Comment/uncomment region - Auto-indent/dedent on return - Trigger expansions based on what you have typed, simple language that includes support for autoindenting return and programmatic cursor placement - Zooming - Jump to line or character position - Calltips

Operating Systems:  Python, Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS

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