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Download [Kro]bot 1.0

[Kro]bot 1.0  To design a complete, wheeled robot, capable of accomplishing simple tasks, manipulate objects and have human interaction capabilities

Download [Pending deletion] 1.0

[Pending deletion] 1.0  An extension over the Java XPath API in order to allow one way mapping between XML and Java Objects(Java Beans) through the use of

Download 974APPS (demo online 26

974APPS (demo online 26  Develop powerful web applications (secure, and clustered loadbalance) you can redistribute rapidly (on the same cluster) to other customers

Download 1bPONG 1.0

1bPONG 1.0  1bPONG is a small monochrome pong remake written in C using the Simple DirectMedia Layer library. It is fully platform-independent. (c) Pavel

Download adatmagus WEB site backup 1.0

adatmagus WEB site backup 1.0  web site (files and one mysql database) backup - restore system. Support server time limit and memory limit

Download Adawat Arabic Text tools 1.0

Adawat Arabic Text tools 1.0  Arabic Text tools, like remove Harakats, AutoCorrect, Normalize, Insert Symbols,

Download 3D Controller Drivers 1.0

3D Controller Drivers 1.0  Driver support for 3D Controller Hardware

Download 3D Fasteroids! 0.0.1

3D Fasteroids! 0.0.1  3D fasteroids is a game in which you are a captain of a starship which is in danger of being destroyed by many flying asteroids

Download 3ds Max MPEG-4 Exporter Plugin 1.9.1

3ds Max MPEG-4 Exporter Plugin 1.9.1  MaxMPEG4Exporter is an open source exporter plugin for Autodesk┬« 3ds Max┬« that exports into the MPEG-4 format for 3D graphics

Download 3x3 Puzzle 1.2

3x3 Puzzle 1.2  A 3x3 block moving puzzle. The objective is to arrange them in correct order. Score high by solving it as fast as you can! New Version 1.2 with Image puzzle is now available. You can use any local image to create a new

Download 3x3 Puzzle Android App 1.0

3x3 Puzzle Android App 1.0  A 3 by 3 tile sliding puzzle with the objective to arrange the tiles in numeric order

Download 4f02 02.1.0.rc1

4f02 02.1.0.rc1  "C#" implementation of the well known

Download 4f05 32

4f05 32  An adaptation of the well-known "Tetris" game. It uses Open GL 1

Download 7zip Batch Compression 0.3.2

7zip Batch Compression 0.3.2  My first try of a GUI with wxWidgets. Now 7zip can do "each file to a seperate archive" from Winrar. Sends commands to the CMD to process through the list, though maybe Admin rights are required. Maybe a Linux-Version

Download AccessAnalysis 1.1

AccessAnalysis 1.1  Eclipse Plug-In that determines the Minimal Access Modifier of Java types and methods project and computes the software metrics Inappropriate Generosity with Accessibility of Types (IGAT) and Inappropriate Generosity with Accessibility of Methods

Download AccessODF 0.1.0

AccessODF 0.1.0  AccessODF is an extension for ODF accessibility evaluation and repair in LibreOffice Writer and Writer

Download AccessToMySQL 1.0

AccessToMySQL 1.0  Access To MySQL is a small utility to convert Microsoft Access Database files to MySQL database. It can be used to script a full database straight to MySQL, or to script the database to an SQL file. This software is created using Nokia's Qt

Download ACMapperObject 1.0.rc4

ACMapperObject 1.0.rc4  ACMapperObject is a set of scripts that can be added to a web page to provide an interface for the attaching files and textual information to locations on a map

Download Active Directory User Viewer 1.0

Active Directory User Viewer 1.0  An application used to do common tasks in a Helpdesk environment like resseting a user's account, unlocking an account, view groups, login scripts, connected workstations, and much more

Download activecollab-charts 0.5

activecollab-charts 0.5  An ActiveCollab module that provides gantt charts to projects. The code is designed to properly integrate with AC's module infrastructure and is clean php and smarty templates

Download ADAL - Auto Database Access Layer 1.1.0

ADAL - Auto Database Access Layer 1.1.0  ADAL (Automatic Database Access Layer) creates VB.NET classes and SQL Server 2000 stored procedures (optional) that remove a lot of the redundant data access code required when building a new

Download An Open Source Knowledge Base System b.0.0.2

An Open Source Knowledge Base System b.0.0.2  ALPHA open source, web based, platform independent knowledge base system. Extensively search-able, Versatile and easy to use. easy to set up and administer

Download ANNC# 1.0

ANNC# 1.0  Library for creation of artificial neural networks in C#

Download Advanced Mass File renamer 0.1

Advanced Mass File renamer 0.1  This is a python based UI application that can rename a part of a set of files inside a directory based on the provided regular expression. This gives a lot more flexibility compared to other renaming files since it used grouping principle

Download Aeonic - Model Driven Server Apps 1.0

Aeonic - Model Driven Server Apps 1.0  You specify a desired domain-logic in UML, optionally some parts in Python, from scratch or reused. This custom application model is dynamically executed or updated

Download afbackup 3.5.7

afbackup 3.5.7  afbackup is a client-server backup system allowing many workstations to backup to a central server (simultaneously or serially, to tapes or to filesystem). Backups can be started remotely from the server or via cron jobs on the the clients

Download Agricola Score Keeper 1.04

Agricola Score Keeper 1.04  Score keeper for Agricola board game for Windows Mobile 5 or Windows. Requires installation of .Net Framework 3.5 for Windows or .Net Compact Framework 3.5 for Windows Mobile

Download AHN Backup for Windows b.0.15

AHN Backup for Windows b.0.15  AHN Backup is a set of Backup Scripts Written for the Windows x64/32bit platform

Download aisgedcom 32

aisgedcom 32  Given GEDCOM file, the program groups persons by haplogroups and prints different kinds of reports including atree

Download AIVIS alpha

AIVIS alpha  A.I. security app