Freeware Programs: poeticpollution.net
Download DeadBolt 1.0

DeadBolt 1.0  DeadBolt script allows you to edit the .htaccess and .htpasswd files for securing directories.

Download BareBonesMailer 1.0

BareBonesMailer 1.0  This script is a simple form mailer with only three form fields for easy installation and configuration. All three fields are required so you won't receive incomplete results.

Download ShotGun 1.0

ShotGun 1.0  This script counts the number of times a file is downloaded along with the date of last download and user I.P. address.Optionally using SSI, individual download counts can be displayed for website visitors.

Download CurbSide 1.0

CurbSide 1.0  This script is a simple newsletter sender with visitors being able to add/remove their email addresses. It also has an Admin section to add/remove email addresses and send the newsletter.