Freeware Programs:
Download Multiple STDOUT 1.0

Multiple STDOUT 1.0  This script demonstrates how to open STDOUT twice so you can echo to the console and also write to a file.Usage - >perl stdout.

Download AutoMax 1.0

AutoMax 1.0  This is a basic Perl script that allows you to insert clients and cars into a flat file database.Also the script can verify if the client or the car still exists in the database.

Download Urdu (Pakistan) Text Writer 1.0

Urdu (Pakistan) Text Writer 1.0  Urdu (Pakistan) Text Writer allows users to type Urdu.

Download Easy CAPTCHA Control 1.0

Easy CAPTCHA Control 1.0  This is a CAPTCHA control for the PHP language. It outputs an image for "img" tags and is 100% customizable. Simply set the settings and reference the path to the php file from an "img" tag's src attribute.

Download EasyQuery Class 1.0

EasyQuery Class 1.0  Use this class to query a database table.

Download Simple Mozilla-Firefox Bookmarks Checker 0.2

Simple Mozilla-Firefox Bookmarks Checker 0.2  This small Perl script allows you to get some information about mozilla-firefox bookmarks.It scans a given bookmark file and tries to output all broken and duplicated links in the file itself.