Freeware Programs:
Download Vechicle VIN number check digit calculator 1.0

Vechicle VIN number check digit calculator 1.0  Vechicle VIN number check digit calculator - Put in a 17 digit VIN number and it tells you if the check digit computes or not.

Download Fedex Shipping Calculator 1.0

Fedex Shipping Calculator 1.0  This script allows you to calculate Shipping Rates for any of Fedex's Shipping Types including Express types and Ground types

Download PipePrice 1.0

PipePrice 1.0  This class works as a pipe: the number is pushed at the top, it flows down through any operation addedand then out in its final value.You can choose to add reductions of price if a quantity is reached or add costs to it if there are special taxes.

Download Class for reading INI files 1.0

Class for reading INI files 1.0  This script is a simple class that supports reading sections, single values, and arrays from INI files.

Download Flash WYSIWYG editor 1.0

Flash WYSIWYG editor 1.0  FlashArea is a good choice if you need WYSIWYG capabilities for a Flash-based website, or if you just want to ensure that your WYSIWYG textareas look consistent across all browser platforms, or if you just like the "Aqua" or "XP" look to FlashArea.

Download the_button.php 1.0.0

the_button.php 1.0.0  This script creates a dynamic button-image with variable font,color,margin and corner-rounding. It uses external 'style' files and URL variables.

Download deeMySQLParser 1.0

deeMySQLParser 1.0  deeMySQLParser is a mysqldump parser that returns table structure of a dump in a nice associative array.