Freeware Programs:
Download Personal Notes 1.4.7

Personal Notes 1.4.7  Want personal notes? Here it is... - HTML is disabled, Smilies, BBCodes and Acronyms are possible. - Users can decide between popup or normal page for notes. - On ACP can be set how many notes every user can have.

Download Advanced time management 2.2.0

Advanced time management 2.2.0  This MOD allow the board administrator(s) and each user to manage the times displayed on the board.

Download Meeting Mod 1.1.3

Meeting Mod 1.1.3  Implement a meeting managemant for example to initiate a board meeting

Download eXtreme Styles Mod German 2.2.1

eXtreme Styles Mod German 2.2.1  eXtreme Styles Mod German SIE Language Files

Download Author Reply 1.1.0

Author Reply 1.1.0  This mod will, when enabled in the admin panel, add an option to each topic wich allows users to claim theire own topics for themselves. This means that no other members then can reply, except for moderators and admins.

Download Confirmation Topic 1.0.0

Confirmation Topic 1.0.0  This Mod integrates a confirmation topic which must be confirmed by users before enter a forum by the regular way.

Download Force Topic Read 1.0.2

Force Topic Read 1.0.2  Forces users to read a specific topic once, such as site rules, etc..

Download Posts Per Day Average on Topic 1.0.3

Posts Per Day Average on Topic 1.0.3  This will display the total posts per day average underneath the user's avatar

Download Download Topics and Posts 1.0.6

Download Topics and Posts 1.0.6  Insert links on viewtopic to save the whole topic or one post of it in a textfile

Download Global topic 1.1.1

Global topic 1.1.1  This mod, makes it possible to post global topics viewable in all forums.

Download Subscribe Members 1.0.3

Subscribe Members 1.0.3  This mod ads two new links to each topic, which can be used by the admin to (un)subscribe all members to that topic

Download Hide Post Buttons 1.1.1

Hide Post Buttons 1.1.1  If a user has no auth to post a new topic or reply to a post this mod will hide the buttons to do this.

Download Clone posts 1.0.1

Clone posts 1.0.1  Allows a user to clone a post to a new topic that can be placed in any forum.

Download Similar Topics 1.0.1

Similar Topics 1.0.1  This mod adds a table at the bottom of a thread and displays other threads that are silimar in topic.

Download Topiccount 1.0.0

Topiccount 1.0.0  Shows user created Topics in viewtopic.php and in profile.

Download Move Message Mod 3.0.1

Move Message Mod 3.0.1  This Mod displays a Message, when a Topic was moved, splitted, locked or unlocked

Download Quick Post ES 1.0.7

Quick Post ES 1.0.7  This Mod adds a quick reply form which is placed below every topic.

Download Post Description 1.0.0

Post Description 1.0.0  This MOD allows to add a description to the topic or post (like the post subject) and this description is shown a little everywhere (search results, topic review, preview, ...

Download Separated Topics 2.0.3

Separated Topics 2.0.3  This MOD separates posts in a same topic.

Download Topics Enhanced 2.3.1

Topics Enhanced 2.3.1  This mod separates posts included in the same topic (Separated Topics), improves the informations shown at the bottom of page, in forums and topics (Bottom Tabs), adds a clock image before the topic date and displays the topic title on a second line

Download Random Topic 1.0.0

Random Topic 1.0.0  Show a Link in Index to a Random Topic

Download Replace Posts 1.0.0

Replace Posts 1.0.0  With this mod the admin can replace pieces of text within posts, without using Word Censors.

Download Database Update Generator 2.0.14

Database Update Generator 2.0.14  Creates a form into which you enter your SQL and a db_update.php file is then created.

Download Extended Ranks System 1.0.2

Extended Ranks System 1.0.2  This mod allows you to set up diffrent rank sets, wich you can use to attach different post count ranks to individual users, users who use a certain template or users who are either male or female.

Download Limit smilies per post 1.0.2

Limit smilies per post 1.0.2  The Admin can set per ACP, how many smilies a user can use per post.Per default the limit is set on 10 smilies.

Download Smilies Album 1.3.4

Smilies Album 1.3.4  This is a phpBB-based smilies album

Download Smiley Permissions 1.0.1

Smiley Permissions 1.0.1  This mod will set the permissions for the usable smilies on posts.

Download Keep Em Moving 1.0.1

Keep Em Moving 1.0.1  This add-on will keep your animated smilies animated after clicking on one.

Download Online status in Signature 1.0.2

Online status in Signature 1.0.2  With this Mod, you can define a text in your profile for your online- and offlinestatus.These texts will shown in your signature if you use the variable [STATUS] in it.

Download Signatures control 1.2.3

Signatures control 1.2.3  This MOD lets admins set general rules to fully control what they allow or not for signatures.But they can disallow the signature or the controls for who they want too.