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Date Added: 24 March, 2013
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Cubic Compass Software is the primary developer and supporter of the Passage Foundation Server (PFS) for .NET. Passage provides a comprehensive set of web development tools and features integrated with best-of-breed Microsoft .



Cubic Compass Software is the primary developer and supporter of the Passage Foundation Server (PFS) for .NET. Passage provides a comprehensive set of web development tools and features integrated with best-of-breed Microsoft .NET technologies, components, and applications. Features:Security - Native authentication with encrypted passwords - Custom authentication support - Configurable password lengths - Enforce lock-out after max failed attempts - Black list / White list support - Auto Blacklist Rules - Password Recovery Workflows - Role-based Security Model - Unlimited Role Definitions - Object Level Access Control Lists (ACL) - Segment and Role-based Access to Content - Native .NET Forms Authentication - Configurable “Remember Me” cookie persistenceMembership Management - Self-enroll and Registration - Contact Management - Manage Member Web Forms and Uploaded Docs - Audit trails of member activity Content Management - HTML Rich Text Editor - Cascading Style Sheet themes - Image Gallery - Document Management - Deny/Allow document extensions for upload - Sandbox Editing (Edit copy of page) - Snippet Library of Reusable HTML - Physical and Logical page templatesImport / Export - Excel CSV Import and Export - XML Object Serialization and DeserializationWeb Part Catalog - Hierarchical categorization of .NET User Controls - Web Part Access and Permission Management - Add Web Parts to any logical portal pageSegmentation - Web-based segment rules designer - Segment by Contact Information, Web Form Response, Role, Events, or Custom SQLDynamic Content - Decision Trees - Dynamically render content based on segment rules - Route web forms - Dynamic email AutorespondersWeb Forms and Surveys - Web forms designer with multiple question types - Add forms to any web page - Auto-enroll on form submit - Response tracking for survey statisticsCampaign Management - Coordinate web pages, forms, and emails in a single interface - Email campaigns – Broadcast or segment targeted - Launch test emails and campaigns - Track common campaign metrics, page views, emails sent - Integrated with leading CRM solutionsEmail and Notifications - CAN-SPAM compliant email engine with opt out forms - Email open and click tracking - Future dated emails - Autoresponder series support (drip campaign) - Merge template support for personalizationSearch - Full-text search - Best bet – human edited search results - SEO Analysis of META tag usage - Google integrationCharting and Reporting - Integrated dashboard chart designer - Support for Pie, Bar, Line, and Area charts - Query remote SQL Servers and report in Passage - Role-base chart viewing permissions - Drill down capabilities Requirements: · Internet Information Server (IIS) 5+ · SQL Server 2005

Operating Systems:  ASP.NET, Windows

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