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Freeware Programs: Panda Systems
Download PandoMural 1.1.1

PandoMural 1.1.1  Use pictures as your desktop's background. PandoMural allows you to use pictures as your desktop's background. It support the following image formats: PICT, JPEG, GIF, PhotoShop (2.5/3.0), SGI (Silicon Graphics Image), and if you have QuickTime 3.

Download PandoStickers 2.0.2

PandoStickers 2.0.2  Place graphics in sticker form on your desktop. PandoStickers provides a fun and easy to use way for you to place graphics in a sticker-like form, on your desktop. The stickers can be arranged anywhere on the desktop, flipped, and rotated.

Download Framewright 1.0

Framewright 1.0  Use with PictureFrame to create your own frames. Framewright is a tool for the creation of frame plug-ins to be used with PandoFrame 3.0 or greater. It enables you to custom create your own picture frames!

Download PandoFrame 3.1.3

PandoFrame 3.1.3  Place pictures all over your desktop - like Stickies but with pictures. PandoFrame allows you to place picture frames on your desktop. It's like Stickies for pictures.