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Download Opera Browser 9.6

Opera Browser 9.6  Opera 9.5 introduces Opera Link which keeps you synchronized between any Opera 9.5 desktop browser and Opera Mini, Operals free browser for your mobile phone. Your bookmarks, Speed Dial and notes can follow you anywhere.

Download Multi Translate 2.0

Multi Translate 2.0  With Multi Translate you can translate form English to Russian, German to Russian, French to Russian, Spanish to Russian, Italian to Russian and vice versa. Multi Translate translates text using promt/google/babelfish services. Multi translate tool

Download Artist's Sketchbook 1.6

Artist's Sketchbook 1.6  Artist's Sketchbook is a painting widget for the Opera browser. It is a simple and entertaining utility that allows users to get creative. Using this widget you can enjoy drawing and sketching right from your Opera browser

Download touchtheSky for Opera 10.5

touchtheSky for Opera 10.5  touchtheSky for Opera is a useful and reliable application for opera web browser which allows you to check international weather reports, in detailed, compact and mini modes. It has a simple and friendly interface

Download The 3D Globe 3.0

The 3D Globe 3.0  The 3D Globe software widget presents a globe that you can rotate through three degrees of freedom by clicking and dragging. Use the handle to move the actual The 3D Globe widget

Download Opera SVG Viewer 2.0

Opera SVG Viewer 2.0  Finally folder navigation is implemented in the viewer, which required quite a bit of head scratching. Another tricky thing was making files display at their original size, but now it's working fine

Download RapidShare Loader 2.0

RapidShare Loader 2.0  Automatically open RapidShare (and other) links in seperate tabs. We all know how annoying it is when you're browsing rapidshare forums and all the links are "code"'d, and you have to copy and paste each link into your browser to download the file

Download Forismatic 11.0

Forismatic 11.0  Forismatic presents you the most inspiring expressions of mankind. Read quotes using this widget from large collection on forismatic.com website

Download Edicode 1.7

Edicode 1.7  Edit text with unicode. This is a page where you can enter unicode chars by clicking on buttons. The button set cover several languages and unicode blocks. Originally the script was an Opera panel

Download Opera Labs HTML5 Parser 12.0

Opera Labs HTML5 Parser 12.0  Opera Labs HTML5 Parser The HTML5 specification defines a set of parsing rules for all markup, whether valid or invalid. Once all browsers have HTML5 parsers, the same markup will produce the same DOM across all conforming browsers. There are two

Download Opera for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC 8.6

Opera for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC 8.6  Opera for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC 8.6 is the long awaited mobile version of the well known web browser for desktop computers Opera. This web browser is the solution to the Windows mobile embedded Pocket Internet Explorer, which has too many flaws

Download 24h Analog Clock 11.6

24h Analog Clock 11.6  A clock following the position of the sun throughout the entire day. The design is sleek and simple, and makes your desktop so very awesome. Based on the Analog Clock widget, this clock shows an entire day/night cycle

Download BjustB 0.2

BjustB 0.2  Widget for helping users to deal with BB-codes on different forums and/or blogs. This is alpha version - everything works just fine, but functionality is limited and no design yet. The latest version features dialogs for "Insert Link" and "Insert

Download Opera Labs OOPP 12.0

Opera Labs OOPP 12.0  Opera Labs OOPP is an alpha testdrive of the Opera browser developer ready

Download Math workpad 11.6

Math workpad 11.6  Math workpad is a programmable workpad for mathematics. This widget lets you evaluate complex mathematical expressions. All results are displayed, and you can use the answer from the previous expression directly. Some other features of this

Download Opera browser 21

Opera browser 21  Download the fast, free and safe Opera computer browser, enabling fast browsing, better desktop organization and customization options. Discover why 52 million people around the world surf the web with Opera.