Freeware Programs: OfficeOne
Download Power Management Utilities 1.0

Power Management Utilities 1.0  The set of 4 utilities to enable you to assign keyboard shortcuts to hibernate or suspend the machine. Adds more than 30 procedures to Microsoft Office PowerPoint that are accessible through keyboard shortcuts. Assign keyboard shortcuts to menu

Download OfficeOne PowerPoint Web Browser Assistant 1.2

OfficeOne PowerPoint Web Browser Assistant 1.2  PowerPoint Web Browser Assistant addin assists you in inserting live web pages on slides on your presentation. It uses Microsoft Internet Explorer to display the web pages

Download OfficeOne ShowMouse 1.0

OfficeOne ShowMouse 1.0  OfficeOne ShowMouse is a new application for your computers. Microsoft PowerPoint hides mouse during slide shows. It displays the mouse pointer when it sees sufficiently large activity in mouse movements. Some people have asked for not hiding the

Download OfficeOne VolumeControl 1.1

OfficeOne VolumeControl 1.1  Volume Control addin introduces volume control on Microsoft PowerPoint slides. With Volume Control you can: - Set the volume for slides - different volume level on different slides. - Set different mute settings for slides. - Create volume

Download OfficeOne Kiosk Assistant 1.0

OfficeOne Kiosk Assistant 1.0  Kiosk mode slide shows in Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 used to reset to the first slide after a period of inactivity. Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 (aka PowerPoint XP) has lost this feature. Kiosk mode slide shows in PowerPoint 2002 don't reset any more

Download OfficeOne PowerViewer 3.1

OfficeOne PowerViewer 3.1  ThN? following features are provided by PowerViewer on a machine supporting multi-monitor configuration: View the slide show on a monitor while you continue working on something else on another monitor You can setup a slide show to show on a