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Download Story Of Arado 1.0

Story Of Arado 1.0  Story Of Arado is a challenging fighting game for free. You are a warrior passing through a dangerous forest. The goal for you is to kill your enemies as many as possible with the least cost. After you select a character, you can control your

Download Fisherman Sam 1.0

Fisherman Sam 1.0  Fisherman Sam is an interesting action game. Use direction keys to aim the harpoon, whenever you get 2 or more fish with 1 shot, you will immediately get bonus points! Press space bar to fire freezing bombs. By the way sharks will steal your

Download Street Avenger 1.0

Street Avenger 1.0  Street Avenger is an action game for free. In this game, the only thing you should pay attention is how to beat the enemies, is how to kick all of the opponent's asses, is what is the boss weakness, where is the sweet spot. The various kinds of

Download Rainbow Monkey 1.0

Rainbow Monkey 1.0  Rainbow Monkey is an interesting action game for free. Rainbow Monkey is cheerful as can be at rainbow monkey happy sugar land! But when king sandy sends his knights to kidnap her, Rainbow Monkey must fight her way out with her trusty yo-yo

Download Flash Empires 1.0

Flash Empires 1.0  Flash Empires is an interesting shooting game. Buy castles, spear men, soldiers etc to stop enemies from taking over your empire. There are 3 different buildings in the game, click on each of them to access 3 different menus

Download Rave Rider 1.0

Rave Rider 1.0  Rave Rider is an interesting action game for free. Rave Rider is a fun and engaging car game with coin collecting, alternative paths and vehicle upgrades. Start with your stock rave rider and collect coins in each level to upgrade your machine

Download Camper Strike 1.9

Camper Strike 1.9  Camper Strike is a cool target practice shooting game. The aim of the game is simple, Hit as many targets as possible to proceed to the next level before the time expires. All you have to do is, spot a target and move your sights on to it, zoom in

Download Battle Mechs 1.0

Battle Mechs 1.0  Battle Mechs is an interesting action game for free. The year is 2199, and the world's largest entertainment sport is 'Mech Wars'. You are a new mech pilot, looking to etch your name in the record books

Download Super Soldier 1.0

Super Soldier 1.0  Super Soldier is an action game for free. Guide the super soldier through the enemy territory, convert all enemy flags and return back safely to your base. You're equipped with a gun to help you fight against the foot soldiers

Download Stress Paintball 1.0

Stress Paintball 1.0  Stress Paintball is an interesting shooting game. It is one of the best stress relief games that will help you easily reduce stress. Enter this amazing shooting game that can help you to forget your daily problems and release the stress out of

Download Rapid Randy 1.0

Rapid Randy 1.0  Rapid Randy is an exciting shooting game that your mission is to accomplish all the missions and get back home. In order achieve the goal, you have to kill as many terrorists as you can within a given time frame

Download Halloween Bowling 1.0

Halloween Bowling 1.0  Halloween Bowling is an interesting sport game. You start the game under such condition. You can use your mouse to position the pumpkin. When the power gauge appears, you can click once the bat reaches your desired power level. Once the curve

Download Coconut Drum 1.0

Coconut Drum 1.0  The Coconut Drum is a video game for your children based on the 'Tak and the Power of Juju' cartoon. If you want to kill some time you can also play this game

Download Age of War 1.0

Age of War 1.0  Build turrets to defend your base while training offensive units to attack the enemy's base. You earn money and gain experience for killing enemy units. Once you have gained enough experience, you can evolve by clicking on the star icon. Each

Download Yanloong Legend 1.0

Yanloong Legend 1.0  Yan loong obeys his master's order to find the reason why wars were happening in the world .He beat all the enemies and finally found there's still a dark power that is gradually changing the peaceful world. Enter the mountain to investigate the

Download Andy Law 1.0

Andy Law 1.0  Andy Law is an interesting action game for free. A new super hero, with an endless Weapons, Guns, Amo, levels. Attack and kill all the enemies before they kill you

Download Stormwinds 1.5

Stormwinds 1.5  Stormwinds is an interesting action game for free. The Lost Campaigns to be a glorified expansion pack to the first popular shooter released a year ago. With 7 new campaigns, all new enemies, weapons, and more, there is plenty to keep players

Download Nobuyuki Forces 3.0

Nobuyuki Forces 3.0  Nobuyuki Forces is an interesting shooting game. Infiltrate into a hideout of the rebel leader Mr. Nobuyuki, shoot down all the guards and defeat him. Press the Space Bar to come out and Left Click to shoot, aiming using the Mouse. Keep an eye on

Download Green Protector 1.0

Green Protector 1.0  Green Protector is a game of skill available for free. Protect the flora against the invading monsters by building your army of plants

Download The Last Defense 1.0

The Last Defense 1.0  The Last Defense is a shooting game. A sophisticated turret defense game. Upgrade your defense turret with better base armor, cockpit and weapons

Download Mulch Shoot 1.0

Mulch Shoot 1.0  Mulch Shoot is about a friendly spider carrying a huge gunshot whose mission is to have fun and enhance his accuracy by shooting at mulch pigeons. On the right of the screen you will notice a red lever, pull it in order to release the mulch and

Download Beer Tapper Gone Wild 1.0

Beer Tapper Gone Wild 1.0  Beer Tapper Gone Wild is an interesting skill game for free

Download Antcity 1.0

Antcity 1.0  Antcity is an interesting shooting game. If you want to play God with a magnifying glass, now your chance. Your only choice is to be merciless with this human city. Use the giant magnifying glass to burn up the residents in ant city game. Use the

Download Halloween Hocus Pocus 1.0

Halloween Hocus Pocus 1.0  Halloween Hocus Pocus is an interesting adventure game for free. Jessica Witch has mistakenly transformed all her pals into real monsters! Now Jessica must fly around the neighborhood on her magic vaccum and attempt to put things right. Catch the

Download Chainsaw Killer Zombie 1.0

Chainsaw Killer Zombie 1.0  Chainsaw Killer Zombie is an interesting action game for free. Use your chainsaw in this annoying creatures, Run around and saw threw bunnies as you stay alive from the dinosaurs

Download Shit War 1.0

Shit War 1.0  Shit War is a rather inappropriate and highly uncomfortable game for most players. It's supposed to be about a snow-ball war, but the snow was replaced by something else

Download Rescue Mission 1.0

Rescue Mission 1.0  Try to plow through enemy forces and rescue as many hostages as you can. You can gain extra lives if you can free all of them. You also can pick up other guns to help you through your mission. Be careful of pitfalls and snipers. As the game

Download Fish Truck 1.0

Fish Truck 1.0  Fish Truck is an interesting shooting game for free

Download Sewer Escape 1.0

Sewer Escape 1.0  Sewer Escape is an interesting action game for free. Can you escape the sewer? Help these hamsters reach freedom with a launcher. I'm sure it doesn't smell great down there. Use your mouse to launch the hamster. Click the hamster to bounce him up

Download Mr Chicken 1.0

Mr Chicken 1.0  Mr Chicken is an interesting action game for free. Play Mr Chicken Game and get the clucky chicken to the bottom by bouncing off clouds, don't let him touch the top or fall to the bottom or it's roast chicken for tonights supper. Arrow keys to move