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Freeware Programs: Novel Games Limited
Download Memory 1.1.0

Memory 1.1.0  Train up your memory by playing this matching game.

Download Hex Mines 1.1.0

Hex Mines 1.1.0  Play a hex version of the minesweeper game online

Download Basic Arkanoid 1.1.0

Basic Arkanoid 1.1.0  This nice remake of the classic arkanoid game is guaranteed to be fun. Come and play it now!

Download Arrows 1.1.0

Arrows 1.1.0  Swap the two colours. This short puzzle game is also known as Lucas' problem.

Download Asteroids 1.1.0

Asteroids 1.1.0  Break the asteroids into small pieces until you destroy them. Beware of the UFO's also!

Download Cup Stacking 1.1.0

Cup Stacking 1.1.0  Play this cup stacking online game! Use both hands and your ten fingers to type the keys and stack the cups, this game is absolutely addictive!

Download Disc Battle 1.1.0

Disc Battle 1.1.0  How good are your reflexes? Come and play this indoor sports game with the computer!

Download Flip It 1.1.0

Flip It 1.1.0  Flip all the stones to the other side. Come and play this challenging mind game!

Download Hovercraft Racing 1.1.0

Hovercraft Racing 1.1.0  Hovercrafts are easy to learn and difficult to master. Come and participate in this hovercraft racing championship!

Download Space Invaders 1.1.0

Space Invaders 1.1.0  Play this all time classics with new weapons and special monsters!

Download Mahjongg 1.1.0

Mahjongg 1.1.0  Match tiles to remove them in this classic game. Can you find a match within the large board?

Download Slingshot Challenge 1.1.0

Slingshot Challenge 1.1.0  In this game you need to use a slingshot to shoot a can and keep it in the air. You lose the game when the can hits the ground. If you want to earn extra bonus, you can shoot the can so that it hits the wall or it hits the ceiling.

Download Double Snake 1.1.0

Double Snake 1.1.0  This is the classic snakes game where you can play two snakes at the same time. In this game you control one snake with your left hand while controlling another with your right hand.

Download Snowman Skiing 1.1.0

Snowman Skiing 1.1.0  In this game you need to control a skiing snowman. You should pick up pine cones, carrots and branches to form the eyes, noses and arms of the snowman. The faster you finish the snowman, the higher the score you get.

Download Fruit Collection 1.1.0

Fruit Collection 1.1.0  In this game fruits will pop out from the tree, and you have to use the mat to catch the fruits and bounce them to the basket. A fruit may have to be bounced a few times to reach the basket.

Download Math Search 1.1.0

Math Search 1.1.0  This is a traditional word search game with a mathematical twist. Instead of searching for words, you search for numbers representing the answers to an equation.

Download Word Scramble 1.1.0

Word Scramble 1.1.0  This is a classic word scramble game. In this game you will be given a set of scrambled letters, and you are required to rearrange them into a meaningful word. If you are stuck, you can click the hints button to get the meaning of the word.

Download Bricks Breaking 1.1.0

Bricks Breaking 1.1.0  There is a grid of bricks of different colours. When you click on a grid, all the bricks that are connected to this brick by the same colour will be destroyed.

Download Bridge Crossing 1.1.0

Bridge Crossing 1.1.0  In this game you help the people cross the bridge. A lamp must be carried when crossing the bridge and it can only last for 30 minutes. The bridge can only take 2 persons at the same time and each person walks at different speeds.

Download Coin Weighing 1.0.0

Coin Weighing 1.0.0  Play the role of an ancient wise man finding the fake coin for the kings.

Download Matchsticks 1.1.0

Matchsticks 1.1.0  In this game you add or remove matchsticks to form a predetermined number of squares. A square can be formed by 4 matchsticks, 8 matchsticks or 12 matchsticks. The squares may overlap so it may not be as easy as it seems.

Download Peg Solitaire 1.1.0

Peg Solitaire 1.1.0  This classic peg solitaire game has a long history back to the 17th century. The object of this game is to move the pegs until only one peg is left. A peg can move only by jumping over an adjacent peg, the peg being jumped over will disappear.

Download Penguin Family 1.1.0

Penguin Family 1.1.0  In this game you need to help the penguins cross the river. The penguins come in pairs of father and son. When the father is not around, the son will be scared and fly away if adults from other families are there.

Download Rotate Puzzle 1.1.0

Rotate Puzzle 1.1.0  Rotate the tiles to recover the original picture. This is a challenging game because when you move one piece, 3 other pieces will be affected as well.

Download The Eight Queens 1.1.0

The Eight Queens 1.1.0  The object of this game is to put all the 8 queens onto the chess board without the queens capturing each other. A queen can capture another piece if it is on the same row horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Download The Three Bags 1.1.0

The Three Bags 1.1.0  In this game you are given 3 bags, each of them has 2 fruits. The bags are labeled but none of the labels are correct, your task is to relabel the bags so that they are correct.

Download Water Jars 1.1.0

Water Jars 1.1.0  In this game you are given a 5 litre water jar and a 7 litre water jar, your task is to measure out 6 litres of water using these two jars. This problem is actually not very difficult.

Download Space Shoot 1.1.0

Space Shoot 1.1.0  This is a simple shooting game. In this game you shoot the enemies and destroy them. Some of the enemies cannot be destroyed and you can only get away from them. The number of enemies will increase over time, making the game more and more difficult.

Download Hourglass Problem 1.1.0

Hourglass Problem 1.1.0  In this game you are given 2 hourglasses one of 7 minutes and the other of 11 minutes. Your task is to use these 2 hourglasses to measure times of 15 minutes and 24 minutes. Can you do that?

Download Knight Switch 1.1.0

Knight Switch 1.1.0  This purpose of this game is to swap the positions of four knights. The knights will have to move as in the game of Chess. The boards come in difference sizes and shapes so you will have to think deep in order to win.