Freeware Programs: Nokia
Download Nokia Maps 3D browser plugin 5.9

Nokia Maps 3D browser plugin 5.9  Nokia Maps 3D browser plugin is a free mapping product and service by Nokia for its mobile phones and for internet browsers

Download Nokia Map Loader 3.0

Nokia Map Loader 3.0  Avoid getting lost with Nokia Maps, whether you're driving or walking.It's free and here's what you get: -full navigation and maps for over 70 countries -Drive and Walk navigation in over 90 countries - real-time voice guidance for Drive and Walk

Download Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.1

Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.1  Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit is a good mobile design tool to use. This program can be used to build a version of website that can be viewed on any mobile phone and other mobile content such as multimedia messages

Download Nokia Network Bridge 1.1

Nokia Network Bridge 1.1  Nokia Network Bridge is a PC utility that helps you connect to the Internet or corporate network from your device. It is for Windows XS or 2000

Download Nokia E-Mail Configuration Tool 1.0

Nokia E-Mail Configuration Tool 1.0  Nokia E-mail Configuration Tool is a freeware application for Nokia PC Suite that allows you to define e-mail settings on your desktop computer and send them to a Nokia mobile device via SMS text messages

Download Nokia Map Manager 1.1

Nokia Map Manager 1.1  Nokia Map Manager is a program that allows you to manage and transfer GPS maps to mobile phone. The Map Manager is for the 6110 Navigator only. The program is provided with scan function to search maps on the computer and DVD

Download Nokia Device Status 1.1

Nokia Device Status 1.1  Nokia Device Status is a diagnostic tool that lets you generate a report with detailed data on your mobile phone and S60 module synchronization for Windows PC Suite. There are two downloads - for PC (.exe file) and for smart phone (.sis file)

Download NOKIA 1508i CDMA Mobile Device 2.0

NOKIA 1508i CDMA Mobile Device 2.0  Use your mobile device to conveniently connect your PC to the internet, using CDMA 1x Data support. Keep in touch with music, news, and weather using the integrated Stereo FM radio. Save important information with storage for more than 500

Download Nokia Communication Centre BETA 7.1

Nokia Communication Centre BETA 7.1  A new updated beta-version of Nokia Communication Centre 2.0 has been released. This is a program that allows working with contacts, messages and now also with calendar at your desktop and then synchronize information with Nokia smart phone

Download Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio 2.2

Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio 2.2  If you are a creative person, you won't be satisfied with others' creative work and you'll want to do your own. Nokia company has taken care about creative persons and released the phones' platform Series 40 software - Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio

Download Qt Visual Studio Add-in 1.1

Qt Visual Studio Add-in 1.1  Qt Development Frameworks offers a seamless integration of Qt development tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008

Download Carbide.c++ 3.2

Carbide.c++ 3.2  The Carbide.c IDE is designed from the ground up for developers creating Symbian C software for Symbian devices

Download Nokia Multimedia Converter 2.0

Nokia Multimedia Converter 2.0  If you are looking for the way to convert video files so that they can be viewed on your Nokia mobile phone, Nokia Multimedia Converter would be the best solution

Download Nokia Photos 1.6

Nokia Photos 1.6  Nokia Photos 1.5 is a free application aimed for working with your photos and videos. Using Nokia Photos you'll be able to transfer photos and videos from smart phone Nseries to your PC, organize them and place at the online service Ovi

Download SVG2SVGTConverter 1.5

SVG2SVGTConverter 1.5  SVG2SVGT Converter is a tool used to convert SVG images to SVGT images. It also converts tags that supported by Nokia SVGT engine that are not a part of SVGT specification. With SVG2SVGT Converter, the user can: -Convert a SVG file to SVGT