Freeware Programs: nodewave
Download Livescribe Desktop Configurator 2.0

Livescribe Desktop Configurator 2.0  Livescribe Desktop Configurator: Allows you to configure hidden options of Livescribe Desktop for Windows. You may then change the data storage folder location. If you want to use Livescribe Desktop at work, use it on multiple computers, and

Download Text Browser Editor 1.3

Text Browser Editor 1.3  With this program you can read and navigate in custom content on the smartpen's screen. With this program you can save and load your text files, and even generate menu system to navigate in your uploaded text

Download Force Skype HD Video 1.5

Force Skype HD Video 1.5  Force Skype HD Video is an aplication which allows you to enable/disable (and even configure) High-Quality Video in Skype, and even High-Definition Video. If you want to activate, enable, force, configure, hack, etc