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Download Ukulele - Hawaiian Guitar 1.5.2

Ukulele - Hawaiian Guitar 1.5.2  It's an electronic programmable Ukulele, the typical Hawaiian music instrument. Lot of songs are yet ready to be played! Enjoy playing this exotic instrument!

Download Virtual Guitar Free 2.6.0

Virtual Guitar Free 2.6.0  New Virtual guitar 3 is available! Download at: It's an electronic programmable guitar.

Download Piano Game Free 2.1.1

Piano Game Free 2.1.1  PianoGame is a musical and memory game! The game plays a note and you have to guess and play it on the piano. If you guess right other notes will be added creating long melodies. Will you remember the whole sequence?

Download Bongo Cube 1.0.0

Bongo Cube 1.0.0  Experience the most realistic bongo app ever made! Features: ? Beat harder... The harder you hit the bongo, the louder it sounds! Like in a real Bongo!!! ?

Download TurnMeON (Flashlight) 2.0.4

TurnMeON (Flashlight) 2.0.4  Transform your iPhone into a flashlight! It can be useful on unforeseen occasions, grants light and visibility in all situations, in a camping, in the cellar, during blackouts, while reading a book in the night....