Freeware Programs:
Download Free File Camouflage 0.4

Free File Camouflage 0.4  Want to save a copy of your personal file on a usb pendrive but you are worried that, in case of theft, someone will be able to access your

Download Free File Wiper 1.3

Free File Wiper 1.3  Delete files securely with this software! Just drag & drop directories and files on the trashcan and the software will erase them

Download My CPU Monitor 1.00

My CPU Monitor 1.00  My CPU Monitor shows processor usage in real time in the systray

Download Free USB Guard 1.00

Free USB Guard 1.00  Always forget the usb flash drive attached to the work PC or friend?s

Download My Startup Delayer 0.6

My Startup Delayer 0.6  Every time you start Windows a lot of programs starts automatically making Windows really unresponsive for

Download My HDD Speed 1.2

My HDD Speed 1.2  Wanna know the real speed of your hard disk

Download Fast User Switch 0.1

Fast User Switch 0.1  A little utility to quickly switch the user in

Download My Daily Space Wallpaper 1.1

My Daily Space Wallpaper 1.1  Wanna download automatically every day a new and beautiful wallpaper for your Windows

Download My Screen Capture 1.00

My Screen Capture 1.00  My Screen Capture is a simple and little software which help you to take screenshots of Windows

Download Free MovieDB 2.20

Free MovieDB 2.20  Free MovieDB is a movie database software! Manage your personal collection of DVD and BluRay media with this