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License: Freeware
Date Added: 08 March, 2013
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Author: tinymce

Moxiecode Content Editor offers a unique possibility to easily manage website contents without the need for traditional web development skills.This is accomplished through a simple three step process. The three steps are: - 1.



Moxiecode Content Editor offers a unique possibility to easily manage website contents without the need for traditional web development skills.This is accomplished through a simple three step process. The three steps are: - 1. Login Authenticate authors through a simple login. - 2. Browse Navigate around the site and find the content you wish edit. - 3. Edit Alter the contents of the document through the Word-like interface. A content provider connects to the clients hosting server and logs in to the Content Editor system. Here he can browse through the site the same way it is presented to any visitor, and edit the contents. As soon as he saves the edited material, other site visitors are presented with the up-to-date material.Because of the simple Word-like interface anyone with basic computer skills can manage the site with minimal effort. This simplifies the process of managing contents on the website, since those who need to update the information can do it by themselves without the need for technical assistance.These are some of the key features of MCE: - Full WYSIWYG editing (What You See Is What You Get) - Text style tools - Alignment tools - List tools - Indent tools - Link support - Ability to create mouseover image links - Image support and image settings (size, alignment etc) - Undo/Redo - Special character support - Extensive table support - Copy/Paste from Word and Excel - Text style tools - Creation of new pages by templates - News administration by templates - Menu administration by templates - File locking - Version control - Frames support - Online manuals and troubleshooting documents. - Flexible search/index engine with Altavista style queries and metadata support. Due to the advantages of using MCE the cost of updating the website will be significantly reduced.This product can be extended to become more like a complete Content Managment system, with Usermanager, its own Filesystem, approval and many other features common to bigger Content Managment systems, but still at a reasonable cost.

Operating Systems:  JavaScript, Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS

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