Freeware Programs: ModiFace
Download My Fashion Closet 2.2

My Fashion Closet 2.2  Use My Fashion Closet to make picking outfits more fun, easy and organized! Start by taking a picture of all the clothes in your closet including tops, skirts, pants, dresses and shoes.

Download Fashion Design Studio 2.1

Fashion Design Studio 2.1  Fashion Design Studio is an amazing fashion app that lets you create, customize and share your very own designs. Upload a photo of your clothes or use a model image and personalize each item with text, gems, studs, patches and graphics.

Download Summer Makeover 1.1

Summer Makeover 1.1  This is the ultimate Summer Makeover app for girls! Featuring almost 2000 cosmetic products to try on your model OR YOUR OWN PHOTO including shadows, blushes, lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras, and much more!!!

Download Virtual Dentist 2.2

Virtual Dentist 2.2  Virtual Dentist is a professional dental simulation application that enables users to upload a photo and try out a variety of different dental procedures virtually on their own (or a patient's) photo.

Download Facial Cosmetic Surgery and Anti-Aging Simulator 1.6

Facial Cosmetic Surgery and Anti-Aging Simulator 1.6  This is a facial simulation application showing a variety of facial cosmetic surgery and anti-aging effects including dermal fillers, facelifts, Rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, jaw contouring, and more.

Download Color My Face 1.0

Color My Face 1.0  Ever wonder what you'd look like with purple, or green skin? Find out with the free Color My Face app!

Download Workout Punch 1.0

Workout Punch 1.0  Workout Punch is an acoustic augmented reality app where real-time sound effects are played as you punch (i.e. it detects a punching motion and plays sound effects in sync with your punching).

Download Animated Coloring Book 1.0

Animated Coloring Book 1.0  Animated Coloring Book is a fun new way for children of all ages to bring their artwork to life! The app features a variety of drawing pages, vibrant colors and exciting animations for your little one to enjoy.

Download Princess Hair Salon 1.0

Princess Hair Salon 1.0  Princess Hair Salon is the ULTIMATE hair app for girls. Kids can cut, color, brush and accessorize over 40 different hairstyles ! Girls can choose from 3 different models or try on hairstyles on their very own photo!

Download HairMixer 4.1

HairMixer 4.1  Mix and try different hairstyles in seconds with our NEW HairMixer app! The app provides numerous celebrity hairstyles, accessories, photo filters, and magazine covers for you to try out.

Download PA?r Minerals 1.1

PA?r Minerals 1.1  Ever wondered what a shade of eye shadow or lipstick would look like on you? Discover a new makeup experience with P*r Minerals P*r & Proven makeup application.

Download Makeup Price Check 1.0

Makeup Price Check 1.0  Find the best deals on your favorite beauty products by using the Makeup Price Check App. Use your iPhone,iPod or iPad to get instant price comparisons while on the go!

Download RealBeauty's Instant Celebrity Makeover 1.2

RealBeauty's Instant Celebrity Makeover 1.2  The Real Beauty Instant Celebrity Makeover application lets you take your own photo and instantly transform yourself into one of your favorite stars.